ROCKED BY LOVE - Christine Warren
Gargoyles , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-07737-0
March 2016
Paranormal Romance

Present Day Boston, Massachusetts

Kylie just wanted to figure out why her friend disappeared and what happened to him. She didn't expect that her curiosity would get her attacked outside of her informant's chosen meeting place. She really didn't expect the gargoyle statue in the park to come alive and rescue her. Now Kylie has to deal with the threat of her attackers and a grumpy gargoyle in human form moving himself into her house.

Dag hasn't awakened from his magical slumber in hundreds of years, and to add to his confusion, it wasn't his Warden that woke him, but a human female. But Dag realizes right away Kylie is not just a mere human but has some magic of her own. And even more surprising, she is friends with another of his kind. Now Dag and Kylie must work together to stop the demons from rising, all while trying to keep their own interest in each other in check.

The fourth Gargoyles book introduces us to another gargoyle Guardian, as well as brings back an old favorite. Kylie, our snarky heroine, has a love for all things science fiction, but that doesn't mean she believes it when Dag explains the history of the Guardians--and how he knows they are mates. The relationship between the two is a clash of hard-headed personalities, and it's so entertaining to watch them come to terms with their budding relationship and find a happy middle ground.

Since each story is building towards an epic final battle between the Guardians and the demons, ROCKED BY LOVE would not work as a stand-alone. So be sure to check out book 1, HEART OF STONE (Dec 2013); book 2, STONE COLD LOVER (Aug 2014); and book 3, HARD AS A ROCK (Mar 2015). There's no news yet about a fifth book in the series, but there are several more Guardians that need to be found, so there should be more on the horizon!

Amanda Toth