ON THE PROWL - Christine Warren
The Others , Book 13
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0312357214
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

Manhattan - Present Day

Nicholas Preda and Saskia Arcos are Tiguri, tiger shifters. To be Tiguri means you put tradition first, even if that means consenting to an arranged marriage. Saskia was raised to be the perfect wife and mate to whatever tiger her mother and father chose for her, and she had accepted this fate long ago, welcomed it, even. And it's not as if Saskia has any reason to complain when her father decides Nic should be her mate; he's quite the perfect Tiguri specimen. She just didn't know how stubborn he could be.

If learning to live with one another wasn't enough, someone in the city is trying to frame the Tiguri for the attempted assassination of The Others' leader. The Council thinks Nic is the only one strong enough, but while Saskia doesn't know Nicholas too well, she knows he would never be responsible for that. Nic must prove his innocence to the council, and prove his worth to Saskia, before it's too late.

ON THE PROWL is the thirteenth novel in Ms. Warren's "The Others" series, though this novel can easily be read as a standalone. Like many of her novels, ON THE PROWL contains engaging, lovable characters and an incredibly passionate romance. And be warned, if you're not too careful, Nic and Saskia's steamy interactions will fog your windows! This book isn't just about the passion…these two learning to live together and love one another makes this novel an instant keeper-shelf classic.

Filled with a host of entertaining secondary characters, ON THE PROWL will keep you glued to the page. The novel's mystery, and the characters' scramble to solve it, will keep readers guessing and anticipating Saskia and Nic's next move. This is definitely an author to watch for all fans of paranormal romance.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Christine Warren's next two releases in The Others series—both as yet untitled—one will release November 2012, and the next in April 2013.

Amanda Toth