HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF – Christine Warren
A Novel of The Others , #8
St. Martin's
ISBN: 9780312357252
July 2013
Paranormal Romance

New York and Connecticut – Present Day

Logan Hunter loves his alpha and best friend Graham, but lately it's taking a lot of will power to submit to the alpha. In the hopes that an assignment away from the city will calm everyone's nerves, Graham sends Logan to the White Paw pack to investigate whether the new alpha can hold the pack, or if she doesn't have the strength. Female alphas are rare, and Logan knows if this woman can't hold her position, Logan's pack will have to step in and it could very well mean all-out war.

As soon as Honor Tate's father died, she stepped up to take over the alpha position. Being completely honest with herself, she doesn't want it. Honor just knows she's the only one who can lead the pack well and bring them into the twenty first century. She had already fought off most of the challenges for her position, and is holding her own—until this stranger from another pack comes in to question her leadership skills. She wants him gone, now, so she can get back to business and lead her pack, but Logan isn't leaving any time soon, especially since he found his mate. Honor barely has the strength to hold the pack much longer, and now she has to deal with Logan and that hungry look in his eyes.

Sometimes you just need a good, sexy read featuring two stubborn werewolf shifters—and Christine Warren definitely delivers! Logan can't stand to take orders from anyone, even his new found mate…and even if she's right. It is a true joy to watch these two clash and come together, and it shows Warren's writing ability to have these characters grow so much by the end of the novel, yet retain their uniqueness and characteristics.

HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF is the eighth book in The Others series by Christine Warren. Originally released under another title, this book has been edited, fixed up, and formatted to fit right back into the well-loved series. While all of the books in the series can be read as stand-alones, HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF requires absolutely no prior knowledge of the series, since nearly everything takes place away from the more well-known characters. This is definitely a read for fans of the series, and anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance with some definitely delicious shifters.

There is no news as to when another novel in The Others series will be released, but be on the lookout for HEART OF STONE, first in a new series by Christine Warren, coming out December 2013!

Amanda Toth