HEART OF STONE – Christine Warren
Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-01265-4
January 2014
Paranormal Romance

Vancouver – Present Day

Ella Harrow loves art—it's why she works in a museum. But she doesn't love the fundraising galas, or sucking up to the entitled patrons that attend. After she finally gets the last of the guests out of the latest event, she locks the building and leaves via her favorite route, the garden exit. It's a beautiful place, made even more so by her favorite piece owned by the museum, the large gargoyle. And when she gets attacked by one of the museum's richest benefactors, she is amazed to see that her favorite bit of statuary has come to life, and he is even more imposing standing up!

Kees was created to be a protector of humanity, but he was only supposed to awaken when a demon was on Earth, not when one woman in his general vicinity is being attacked. There is something special about this little human, and no matter what perils are threatening humanity, Kees cannot get her out of his mind. With only her to guide him in this world that has changed so much since he last woke, it is up to Kees and Ella to save humanity from the demons threatening to rise.

Fans of paranormal romance will eat up the newest creature on the block…the gargoyle! An alpha male with a quest he has literally been created to perform, Kees not only has a purpose, but the skills needed to get the job done—if he can figure out where his allies are, considering he hasn't awoken in ages. Ella is knowledgeable about art, and she certainly knows her way around a search engine—these two skills, not to mention the power insider her that Kees can sense—make her incredibly invaluable.

HEART OF STONE starts a great new series with enough of a bigger picture to make the reader desperate for the next book, but is still a great full story to keep the reader busy. Fast paced with characters you'll love, and even some you'll love to hate, HEART OF STONE is another winner for author Christine Warren!

Be on the lookout for the next book in the series, STONE COLD LOVER, expected August 2014!

Amanda Toth