HARD TO HANDLE - Christine Warren
Gargoyles , Book 5
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781250077387
February 2017
Paranormal Romance

Dublin, Ireland - Present Day

Michael Drummond is the normal one in the family. Sure, he has a handy talent of finding things, but he doesn't get visions like his younger sister, and he's no help at healing people like his older sister. When meeting his sister Maeve late one night, they happen upon a real life gargoyle, and Drum plans to ignore her until she goes away. The only problem is, her human form is very, very hard for him to disregard. And there's more than just attraction there, he feels tied to her.

Ash knows she's the first female gargoyle to ever have existed. She also knows the agents of darkness are near, and it's up to her to protect the humans of this world. What she didn't expect was for the annoying male human to actually be useful . . . and attractive. Ash and Drum are in this together, if they don't get killed by demons first, that is.

Christine Warren proves once again that she can make a gargoyle sexy. Throwing fans of the series for a fun loop, we get a role reversal with HARD TO HANDLE. Ash is the first female gargoyle to ever exist, and her warden is the seriously sexy Michael Drummond—Irish accent included. Just because she switches things around does not mean author Warren skimps on the drama and excitement. HARD TO HANDLE has just as much action as the previous books, and paranormal readers will love it.

Due to the huge story arc, the Gargoyles series must be read in order. While Christine Warren does a great job catching readers up, picking this up without having read the previous books would be like starting a movie in the middle. HEART OF STONE (Dec 2013), STONE COLD LOVER (Aug 2014), HARD AS A ROCK (Mar 2015), and ROCKED BY LOVE (Mar 2016) should be considered required reading before picking up HARD TO HANDLE. And be on the lookout for HARD BREAKER coming October 2017!

Amanda Toth