HARD AS A ROCK - Christine Warren
Gargoyles - Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-01267-8
April 2015
Paranormal Romance

Chicago - Present Day

Wynn is not entirely sure how she got roped into trying to keep the apocalypse from happening. But she's a witch and has some knowledge of the Wardens, the group of magic users that used to aid the Guardians—when they were still around, anyways, so help out she shall. Sent to check on a gargoyle statue to see if she could awaken the sleeping Guardian, she is horrified to find it already destroyed. She is even more freaked out to find that her fear summoned a new Guardian into existence—something she didn't even think was possible.

Knox is a new Guardian, summoned to take the place of the one destroyed by the Order. He may not know everything about this plane, but he knows Wynn is his mate and must be protected. Together they must discover what the Order is up to in Chicago, and prevent the evil cult from summoning demons into this plane of existence.

Author Christine Warren should be a household name for paranormal romance fans, and the newest in her Gargoyles series is another home run! This series is somehow both serious and amusing—whatever it is, it's entertaining! The author doesn't pull any punches, so readers can definitely feel how much of a toll this war against the demons is taking on our heroes and heroines. But Wynn and Knox's story is so addicting you won't be able to stop.

Wynn is a strong heroine, with abilities of her own that she brings to the battle. And while Knox is a typical alpha male, he also recognizes that she is powerful in her own right and respects her ability to get the job done on her own—a refreshing concept in the he-man heavy paranormal world. Another fantastic read by author Christine Warren!

HARD AS A ROCK is the third book in the series, and all the books are tied together. I suggest an interested reader start from the beginning so as to fully understand what's going on, since the contents of each story impacts the next book.

Be on the lookout for the fourth book in the series, ROCKED BY LOVE, coming March 2016.

Amanda Toth