DRIVE ME WILD – Christine Warren
The Others
, Book 14
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-35724-5
December 2012
Paranormal Romance

New York – Present Day

Rafael De Santos is being followed, and he is not pleased. When he lures his tail into a dark alley, he is incredibly surprised to find it's a young witch—a very attractive young witch. Rafael's libido, never really quiet to begin with, goes into overdrive whenever he is around Tess Menzies. The powerful were-jaguar is one of the city's supernatural leaders, but he can't seem to control himself when Tess is around. Thank goodness he can use the upcoming meeting with the Witches Council, of which Tess's grandfather is a part, as an excuse to keep coming around.

Tess and Rafael's relationship is moving faster than she anticipated. Within a few days, Rafael has a key to her place and stays over almost every evening. But the world is moving in an odd direction—not only was she attacked outside of her apartment, but now other were-cats are cornering her in alleyways. Her strange new relationship with Rafe is both what is keeping her insane and driving her off the deep end. But can this all survive whatever the Witches Council and her grandfather are planning?

Few things are better than a paranormal romance that mixes instant attraction and a good sense of humor, and no one does that better than Christine Warren. Her characters are always well developed and a joy to read, and DRIVE ME WILD is no different. The plot is exciting on its own, but almost falls to the wayside when compared to the passion these two characters feel for one another. The connection is instant, deep, and a real page turner for any interested reader.

DRIVE ME WILD is probably one of the most anticipated books in this series. Rafael has long been a fan favorite, and readers have been eagerly anticipating his own story. A whirlwind of romance, passion, and excitement, DRIVE ME WILD is one of those books you will not be able to put down, and will definitely have a home on the keeper shelf.

DRIVE ME WILD can easily stand alone, but readers will be desperate to get ahold of the rest of the series after reading Rafael and Tess's story. Previous books include NOT YOUR ORDINARY FAERIE TALE (NOV 2011) and ON THE PROWL (APR 2012). And be on the lookout for the next book in the series, HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF, coming JUNE 2013.

Amanda Toth