EXPOSED – Brighton Walsh
Captive, Book 1
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-2500-5964-2
August 2015
New Adult Romance

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Current Day

When Riley gets the call from his brother Gage, he can't believe it. The girl he loved as a young man, the girl he thought had died, is not only alive, but she is in trouble. And it's up to Riley to get her out and into a safe house. While Evie and Riley have both changed so much, it's obvious the spark is still there. But can anything really happen when Evie has made a new life for herself?

Evie has made that new life for herself as “Genevieve,” with a fiancé and everything. That doesn't mean she is happy. She had to fake her death and run from everything she had ever known, and while she doesn't miss the not-so-legal activities she was involved in, she still misses her friends, Riley included. But with her enemies back, Evie has to fall back into her past life and her past relationships to stay alive. And it's going to take everything she has to fight back and reclaim her life.

The second book in the Captive series after CAPTIVE (March 2015), follows Gage's younger brother, who has yet to free himself from the criminal organization Gage got out of months ago. But it turns out the reason Riley decided to stay in – to avenge the death of the girl he loved—is useless, considering Evie is still alive. It is fascinating to watch the characters, Riley and Evie most of all, make the criminal world work to their advantage, and to make sure they make it out alive.

Author Brighton Walsh knows how to write a strong, steamy hero, and a tough as nails heroine. Their connection is obvious and almost heartbreaking from the moment they reconnect, even more so when the reader realizes how far life has taken them away from one another since they parted. If you like your New Adult romances a little on the wild—and illegal—side you'll want to check out CAPTIVE and EXPOSED by Brighton Walsh.

While Gage and Madison from book one show up in EXPOSED, these books can easily be read out of order or as standalones. As of the writing of this review, there is no mention of a third book in the series.

Amanda Toth