CAPTIVE - Brighton Walsh
Series , Book 1
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250059635
April 2015
New Adult Romance

Near Chicago - Present Day

It was a typical day for Madison Frost; she got her mother off the bathroom floor where she had passed out drunk the night before, then packed up her books and headed to her classes at Northwestern. Not a good day, but at least it was normal. But when leaving her last class of the day, she was grabbed on the way to her car. Waking up, Madison found herself tied up, the captive of a tall, tattooed kidnapper.

Ghost is very good at what he does, kidnapping included. But this is the type of job he would stay away from. He only took it because he knew he was one of the few who wouldn't hurt his little captive. But the longer they are together, the more Ghost sees Madison is not a spoiled little rich girl, but something special. As feelings grow, the future looms—and as kidnapper and kidnappee, there can't be a happy ending, right?

A kidnapping is usually a very traumatic experience, but for Madison and Ghost, it is their chance to find love. A unique story, CAPTIVE is the kind of book that will leave readers confused about their own feelings on the difficult situation. Told from both Ghost's and Madison's perspectives, we see the change over time, from kidnapper and kidnappee, to a young man and young woman interested in one another.

An original and gripping story, the likes of CAPTIVE have never been seen before. If you're tired of the same old romance novel, look no further than author Brighton Walsh's new series. Edgy and exciting to the very end, Madison and Ghost have a compelling story to tell that will leave readers questioning their own feelings.

If you liked CAPTIVE, be sure to check out the upcoming second novel, EXPOSED, coming out July 2015!

Amanda Toth