The McKays , Book 2
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06795-1
May 2016
Romantic Suspense

McKay's Treasure, Mississippi - Present Day

It's not until Brannon McKay realizes that Hannah Parker has been seriously injured in a car accident that he understands that ignoring how he feels about her isn't going to keep him from being hurt.  After the loss of his parents at a young age, Brannon has only let himself care about a few people mostly his sisters and though he's been interested in Hannah for a long time, he's not willing to risk his heart on love, so he has always kept his distance.  They had one wild night a week earlier, but he made it clear that he won't offer anything more than sex.  As he waits to learn whether she'll survive the crash, Brannon knows what a mistake he's made with Hannah and can only hope to have a chance to make things right.

Yet, when Hannah finally wakes up, she can't remember anything.  Even as her memories start to return, there are things that are missing.  One of those mysteries is Brannon.  She's loved him for years, but she can't remember how he went from ignoring her to being constantly by her side.  He claims they've only recently gotten involved, and since Hannah is carrying his child, it's difficult for her to argue that nothing has happened between them.

The second book in The McKay's series picks up right where the first left off with Brannon rushing to help his sisters only to come across Hannah's accident.  He's done his best to ignore his attraction to Hannah through the years, but in THE TROUBLE WITH TEMPTATION, faced with the possibility of losing her, Brannon realizes that ignoring his feelings doesn't mean they aren't there.  When she wakes up with amnesia, he admits that they've been together and that they'd been fighting the day of the accident, but he doesn't go into details.  Two months later, Hannah has most of her memories back, and Brannon has done everything he can to show Hannah how much he cares, because when she finally does remember what they fought about, he may lose her after all.

Brannon is not the only one worried about what Hannah may remember.  The police have been able to piece together some of the events of the day of Hannah's accident, but don't have the full picture.  A local woman, Shayla, was murdered, and Hannah had been driving Shayla's car when she crashed not far from the murder scene.  It's possible that Hannah witnessed Shayla's murder, but until Hannah recovers those memories, the police won't know for sure.  With Shayla's killer watching, Hannah is only safe until her memory returns but how long will the killer wait to find out if he's safe?

A romance that seems to have a ticking clock at times, blends with a gripping suspense in the captivating, THE TROUBLE WITH TEMPTATION.

Jennifer Bishop