The McKays , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-250-06796-8
St. Martin's Paperbacks
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Mississippi Present Day

Moira McKay has been denying herself happiness with the man she loves, as penance for her parents dying almost two decades ago. For eighteen years, Gideon has been waiting for Moira to come back to him, to finally show him the love and compassion he's been desperate for. But Moira is nothing if not stubborn, so it is only when Gideon finally decides to move on that she comes running back. But with the McKays being targeted, maybe now isn't exactly the best time to try to navigate their renewed relationship.

After years of being let in and then denied, Gideon expects Moira to drop him and leave him heartbroken yet again at any time. But he's decided he might as well enjoy it while it lasted. As the guy who loves her, he wants to stay in bed and do nothing but spend time with her and worship her for hours. But as the chief of police in their small town, he needs to be out, investigating the attacks on the different McKay-owned businesses. All he wants to do is keep Moira safe, but she refuses to be kept from her life and job, even with the threat of murder hanging over their heads. Will her stubborn nature finally allow her to accept Gideon and the help he wants to provide, or will she continue to push him away, breaking both of their hearts beyond repair?

When two strong-willed people come together, it's always a bit of a battle. But with Moira and Gideon, dragging it out for almost twenty years, it feels more like a war. Gideon's passion and love has clashed with Moira's strict sense of logic, and watching the two come together and break apart in THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE is both fascinating and painful. I'm sure plenty of readers, myself included, would want to shake Moira, trying to bring her to her senses, before she destroys one of the best things in her life.

THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE has a darker, more suspenseful edge than expected. The love story between Gideon and Moira is certainly the top priority, but the attacks on the McKay family are finally coming to a head in this final book in the series. The characters are what really make this story worthwhile, but the suspense and thrill are just as strong, keeping the reader glued to the page.

The series begins with HEADED FOR TROUBLE (DEC 2015), with the second book, THE TROUBLE WITH TEMPTATION, released May 2016. THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE finishes the story arc, so while it can be read as a stand-alone, for a full grasp of what the family has gone through since being targeted, readers will want to check out the series in order.

Amanda Toth