THE REUNITED - Shiloh Walker
The FBI Psychics , Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24697-9
February 2013
Romantic Suspense

Orlando, Florida - Present Day

Joss Crawford was supposed to be taking a little vacation from work, but when his boss calls, ignoring the summons is not an option.  Taylor Jones is the FBI Special Agent in Charge for a unique group of agents—all of whom have psychic gifts.  Joss is a mirror—he absorbs the powers of whomever he's working with, or syncs with someone if the person whose power is needed is unable to complete the mission themselves.  For Joss to take on that person's power messes with his mind quite a bit while he assimilates the gift, and the person he is synching with is the most powerful talent he's ever dealt with before.  Add in the recurring dreams of her that are stronger and more frequent, and Joss knows that this case is going to be his most difficult yet.

Drucella Chapman has spent two years trying to find the evidence of a human trafficking ring and knows that she's running out of time.  The man she knows to be responsible, Patrick Whitmore, is now her fiancé, and as the wedding creeps closer, Dru is desperate to find proof.  Her psychic abilities have gotten her far, but she hasn't yet found the women and girls that she knows are in danger.  Trying to shake off some of the stress she's under, Dru runs into a man who takes one look at her and then kisses her with more passion than she's ever felt in her life.  She has no idea who the man is, or even what his name is, but deep down, something inside Dru recognizes him.

Their psychic gifts have helped both Joss and Dru solve cases in the past, but in THE REUNITED it will take more than either of them could have imagined.  Dru started out looking for a missing girl, but this case has turned into a nightmare for her as she's transformed herself into Ella, a meek, biddable woman in dire straits.  She's always been plagued by dreams that she doesn't truly remember but leave her fearing for her life.  After her chance meeting with Joss, she starts remembering her dreams, and the telepathic connection with Joss is giving her the first ray of hope she's had in two years.  Joss has always remembered his dreams of what he figures is a past life, and he feels as if he's been searching for his mystery woman for his whole life.  He doesn't understand Dru's insistence that he's too late for them to be together, and he's determined to rescue her from her problems—once he completes his mission.

Characters from the previous novels in the series such as Taylor and Dez Jones, Taige Cullen, and Jillian Morgan play a large part in the mission, as do a few newer faces.  In spite of the fact that they don't spend a lot of time together physically, there is a lot of chemistry between Joss and Dru as they interact psychically.  For a thrilling yet chilling novel, be sure to pick up THE REUNITED.

Jennifer Bishop