St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06794-4
January 2016
Contemporary Romance

McKay's Treasure, Mississippi - Present Day

Almost a decade ago, Neve McKay left her small hometown for college in New York City, and she hasn't been back since.  Now, with her life in shambles around her, she's finally coming home to repair the rift between herself and her siblings, and to heal after a disastrous relationship almost destroyed her life.  Some things about the town are the same, but the dive bar, Treasure Island, is now a hopping pub, filled with kilted waitstaff and the sexiest bartender she's ever seen.  Though getting lost in a man's arms for an evening is something she's never considered before, Neve decides a little reprieve before facing her past can't hurt.  Of course, before she can manage that, small-town life catches up to her, and Neve nicknamed Trouble by most of the town is recognized.

Ian Campbell rarely finds himself struck dumb by a beautiful woman, but the redhead in the bar is different.  Before things go too far, however, he finds out who the stranger is: his best friend's long-lost baby sister.  Aware of how the rift between the siblings has hurt his buddy Brannon, Ian hesitates about pursuing Neve.  But the shadows in her eyes call to him, and when he finally learns of her past, Ian becomes determined to erase those shadows.

But Neve's past isn't done with her it's just waiting for the right moment to strike.

The loss of their parents shattered the lives of the McKay children: eighteen-year old Moira stepped into the family business while still trying to attend college; Brannon, at thirteen, wasn't comfortable with his clingy little sister, and eight-year old Neve battled nightmares and felt lost.  Inadvertently realizing that bad behavior gets her attention, Neve set about being as much trouble as she could.  She made the decision in high school to set her life to rights, but in college she fell in love with the wrong man.  In HEADED FOR TROUBLE, Neve has finally returned home, but she's only a shell of the hellion she once was.  Repairing her relationship with her family is a priority for her, but she learns very quickly that things aren't what she'd imagined them to be.  Her feelings for Ian are strong and scary she's wary where men are concerned, and a little too emotionally battered to deal with romance.  Much as she'd like to push Ian aside, his friendship with Brannon throws him back into her path, and he's a little too charming to resist.

HEADED FOR TROUBLE introduces readers to the McKay clan and a few other residents of the town their ancestor founded.  One of the first people Neve runs into is Gideon, a man who was like a brother to her, and who once dated Moira. There are still strong feelings between the two, but neither is willing to act on it.  Brannon has a situation with his neighbor that he's trying to figure out, and either one's story will hopefully be coming soon.  An intriguing story, with a heroine who is just beginning to see how strong she really is, and a fun, heated romance with a sexy Scot, HEADED FOR TROUBLE should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop