BUSTED - Shiloh Walker
The Barnes Brothers , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-425-27393-7
May 2015
Contemporary Romance

Norfolk, Virginia - Present Day

The death of his wife during the delivery of their son was devastating enough, but the night of her funeral, Trey Barnes was attacked, and the morning after he had to face the loss of his Aleisha all over again.  Between losing the love of his life and his hazy memories of a woman who was involved in his attack, Trey hasn't been with or even interested in a woman in the six years since.  Not until he drops off his son, Clayton, at story hour and meets the sexy librarian in charge.  His body has definitely taken notice of Ressa Bliss, but his mind isn't sure he's ready to go there.  After six months of running into her at the library, Trey finally decides to ask her out, only to learn that she is leaving.  Not only are Trey's plans dashed, but Clayton is heart-broken over losing the woman he's gotten so attached to.

Ressa has been discreetly drooling over Clayton's dad for months without even learning his name.  It's not until a conference shortly after leaving the library branch that they visit and Ressa learns that Clayton's dad is none other than Trey Barnes, the famous and reclusive author.  While the chemistry between them sizzles like crazy, after their one night together Ressa starts to have second thoughts about a relationship between them.  The fame surrounding him as an author is bad enough, but Trey also has a couple of famous siblings, and the thought of Ressa's past being dragged up and linked to him is daunting.  Though she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore, she misses him, and luckily Fate steps in.

It's been six years since he lost his wife, and in BUSTED, Trey Barnes is about ready to live again.  He's always been the quiet Barnes brother, and being charming doesn't come as easily to him as it does for his brothers.  Add that to the mental and emotional issues he has surrounding his wife's death and it's no wonder that he hasn't moved on yet.  Ressa however has him wanting to try.  She has some issues of her own, including a past she's not very proud of, and a six year old cousin that she is raising.  It takes them a while to get together, but when they do, the sparks fly.

Other characters include Clayton as well as Neeci, Ressa's cousin, and the two quickly become friends.  Trey's twin Travis, who is keeping secrets from the family, arrives, and Trey is beginning to realize just how much his twin is hiding, and baby brother and movie star, Sebastian also makes an appearance.

A romance that's both sexy and sweet with some interesting characters, BUSTED is a book I definitely recommend.

Jennifer Bishop