Harlequin Desire #2526
ISBN: 978-0-373-83853-0
June 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Kentucky Present Day

Billionaire Kane Harrington recently acquired a stud racehorse for his new horse farm, but he soon learns that the seller didn't have the rights to sell it. The real owner, Presley Macarthur, shows up at his farm to take back her horse, but Kane intervenes, and he learns that Presley's stepmother illegally sold the horse. Kane paid good money for the horse, and thought it was on the up and up, so he's not going to give up without a fight. Presley is persistent, but Kane is also, and offers to not file fraud charges against her family's horse farm if she agrees to accompany him to functions where she can introduce him to the who's who of the horse racing world.

Presley loves horses more than she does going to parties. She'd rather spend the evening with a horse than with a man because she feels more comfortable around horses. After her father's death, she's had to keep her moneygrubbing stepmother from selling off the farm's assets, despite the fact that Presley has a say in the matter. Kane terrifies her, because he's asking her to pretend they're lovers and introduce him to her friends. She has always been a wallflower at parties and, due to her stepmother's and others' hurtful comments, doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself. But Kane seems bent on transforming her into Cinderella. But will it all end at the stroke of midnight once he's gotten what he wants and no longer needs her?

UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE is tied to REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE (also by Dani Wade), but this tale can be read a standalone without too much difficulty. Kane is the oldest brother and has spent his life taking care of others after his mother died from cancer when he was a teen and his father was incapable of recovering. Kane was once engaged, but that ended when his overprotectiveness drove his fiancée away. With Presley, and seeing how uncomfortable she is socializing with others, he wants to redo her into a beautiful and desirable woman. What he doesn't expect is the effect her transformation has on him. Suddenly, Kane wants Presley in his bed, and will do anything to make it happen.

Presley was her father's only child, and her mother died when she was a baby. Her stepmother and Presley never connected, which was hampered by the other woman's disdain for Presley's tomboyish ways. As such, Presley rarely dresses up, but rather, makes herself appear as unattractive as possible. But Kane can see that deep inside, there is a butterfly waiting to burst from a cocoon, and he intends to be the one to make her beautiful. However, his hovering over her has her rebelling. Once again, will Kane's interference cause a woman to walk away from him?

UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE is a My Fair Lady like story set in the world of horse racing and the upper crust society that looks down on someone who likes to sleep with horses more than men. But with Kane's help, Presley discovers her feminine side, though she's surprised it's he who's attracted to her. It soon turns mutual! A sexy and poignant tale, grab a copy of UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE for some fun time.

Patti Fischer