Milltown Millionaires , Book 2
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2355
ISBN: 978-0-373-73368-2
February 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Black Hills, South Carolina – Present Day

Bartender KC Gatlin hasn't seen millionaire Jacob Blackstone since their affair ended months ago, and to find out he's back in town has her concerned that he'll learn her secret. Can she hide the fact that she had his son a couple of months ago? But once Jacob spots her son, Carter, he immediately connects the dots. She informs him that his grandfather threatened her and her family if she had the baby, so she left town instead of having an abortion. With his grandfather now dead and Jacob supposedly living in Philadelphia, KC thought the coast would be clear to return. But now the truth about Carter is about to change her life.

Jacob has been busy the past few months but he never forgot KC. She was the best thing about his business trips home to Black Hills, and he was puzzled when she suddenly broke things off. One look at the curly haired baby and he knows he has a son. He's angry at KC for not telling him the truth, despite her claim that she was afraid of his tyrannical grandfather. Jacob will not stop until Carter—and KC—are permanently a part of his life, even if she vows to not give in to his demands. She finally—and partially—relents to letting him move in with her so that he can be closer to his son. Now he has to convince her that marriage should be part of their future.

As the owner of the mill that is the main business of Black Hill, Jacob's grandfather used his power to control anyone he could. With Jacob's mother in a coma that has lasted years, Jacob felt powerless as his grandfather used his mother in his sick game of forcing his grandsons to bow to his commands. On one of his infrequent trips home, Jacob met KC and was instantly smitten. It didn't take long for an affair to develop, though it had to be kept under wraps in case someone—mainly his grandfather—got wind of it. Then, suddenly, KC ended things and disappeared. Now he knows why and is both sad and angry at missing out on his son's birth. He wants to make up for lost time, even if KC isn't too happy about it.

KC fears the power and influence that the Blackstone money represents as she fights to retain her and Carter's independence. All she wants is to raise her son, never mind that Jacob can sprinkle their lives with money. Love is more important than money in KC's eyes. However, she does agree to let Jacob temporarily live with her in order to get to know his son. Time spent alone resurrects their old feelings and it doesn't take long before they're heating the sheets together.  But KC vows that whatever happens between them won't ruin her desire for independence.

Blackstone Manor is a huge mansion that seems right out of a gothic novel, but it was Jacob's home growing up. In THE BLACKSTONE HEIR, learning that he is a father is both a joyous and scary revelation for Jacob. Now he just has to win back his son's mother. There's something mysterious going on in town, what with “accidents” and such happening, and Jacob will do anything to protect KC and Carter. He's falling for KC and hopes he can make their relationship permanent. Will Jacob win the battle for KC and Carter? Find out in this intriguing romance.

Patti Fischer