Harlequin Desire #2502
ISBN: 978-0-373-83829-5
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Kentucky – Present Day

Mason Harrington's father once worked for the Hyatt family, but he and his family were kicked off the horse farm they lived on after EvaMarie Hyatt's father caught Mason kissing her. As an act of revenge, Mason, who is now wealthy, has purchased the foreclosed mortgage to the farm and plans to immensely enjoy kicking the Hyatt's out immediately. But he didn't expect to be still attracted to EvaMarie, and against his better judgement, he agrees to hire her to work for him and live with him in the house. Will his buried emotions for her blind him to the dangers of falling for her?

EvaMarie is a proud woman, yet she will do whatever it takes to make sure her parents are comfortable. This means placing her parents in an assisted living facility that they can't afford. Working for Mason, and living under his roof, will help her in supplementing the costs of paying for the assisted living. She regrets her part in what happened to Mason and his family, even if she was just an innocent bystander. She is surprised at the success Mason and his brother, Kane, have had in becoming millionaires, but underneath his veneer still lies the vulnerable poor kid. The young attraction Mason and EvaMarie once felt hasn't died, but their circumstances have. She is no longer the belle of the ball, while Mason has become a most eligible bachelor. Will love be rekindled between them?

What started out as a plan of revenge for Mason against EvaMarie's family in REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE turns into something he never expected. Mason's father was a lowly worker for the Wyatt family, but after Mason was discovered with EvaMarie, the family was kicked off. Life was hard for Mason's family afterwards, but an unexpected inheritance from their late mother's family laid out a future that turned into riches for Mason and Kane. But Mason never forgot the humiliation and plots a payback after he learns the horse ranch is in foreclosure. He walks into the house all important, but one glance at her and he's blown away. He doesn't have to give her a job, but offers her one, with the understanding that she can also finish packing up her family's belongings.

What Mason doesn't realize is how controlling EvaMarie's father is, even if he is ill and can barely move. Her father plays an important part in keeping her “in check” and she doesn't want to upset him. Yes, she still loves Mason, but giving into the attraction that simmers between them can't go anywhere and can only lead to heartbreak. In REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE, EvaMarie tries her best to stand up to her father, but it's hard when she's been bullied by him all her life. It takes the real love of a good man, Mason, to finally give her the strength to break away.

An emotional journey of love and redemption, REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE will tug at your heart and make you fall in love with Mason and EvaMarie.

Patti Fischer