Mill Town Millionaires , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2469
ISBN: 978-0-373-73482-5
September 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Black Hills, South Carolina Present Day

After the explosion at the factory that left one person injured and the culprit arrested, security entrepreneur Zach Gatlin is busy investigating exactly what happened. But then he spots former one-night fling Sadie Adams in the crowd of journalists taking pictures. Zach hasn't seen Sadie in the five years since that night and he wonders what she's doing here now. He decides to follow up and, after talking to her, he's even more suspicious. Is she up to no good?

If Zach learns she is there to dig dirt on him for his unknown half-brother, then Sadie would likely be in deep trouble. She works for an unscrupulous family and now has been hired to find out if there is something in Zach's past that could discredit him from inheriting millions of dollars from a father who walked out of his life before he was even born. Sadie first was assigned the job five years ago (by the old man before he died) and an instant attraction between her and Zach led to a sizzling night together. Guilt had her fleeing, but now she's back, because she needs the money in order to pay for her sister's mounting medical bills. If Zach finds out what's she's doing....

An attraction that began five years ago is rekindled in EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR. Sadie is on a secret mission to find out if there are skeletons in Zach's past that would discredit him from an inheritance he doesn't even know about. Zach never knew his father's name, and the lawyer handling the will hasn't contacted him yet with the news that he's the sole beneficiary. Zach also isn't aware that he has a half-brother, who is angry over his exclusion and zeroing in on a clause in the will that has Zach forfeiting his inheritance if it turns out he is corrupt or has done something dishonest. Sadie didn't find anything five years ago, but she fled after their one-night stand because she'd begun to have feelings for him. But now, with her sister terminally ill, she'll do anything for money, even agreeing to dig up dirt on Zach that is not all that dirty.

Sadie's life the past few years has revolved around her mother and ill sister. She wants to make things comfortable for them even as it gets bleaker and bleaker. If she fails to find the info on Zach, the family will be forced out of their home and onto the streets. Meeting Zach again stirs the flames and he won't leave her alone as he's curious about why she's back in town. The flames soon turn to fiery passion and their affair is back in full bloom. Yet, Sadie feels guilt, because even as they sleep together at night, during the day she's digging around town to find out anything bad about him. What will happen when he finds out what she's doing?

EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR appears to be the last tale in the Mill Town Millionaire series and while it's helpful to have read the prior three books, one can read this one without too much difficulty. There is finally some closure on one part of the series regarding the comatose mother of the three brothers who own the mill.

An emotional and passionate tale, grab a hanky as Sadie struggles with some guilt over what she's doing to Zach. Will love win out in the end? Find out in EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR.

Patti Fischer