Reckless Hearts , Book Two
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-13:  978-1-49-263716-5
November 2017
Contemporary Romance

Georgia Present Day

Maxwell Martinez, Collin Montgomery and Gavin St. James all joined the service at the same time, and the night before being shipped out Collin had a bad feeling about his sister Lia.  They all went to her college dorm room and her roommate said she was at a party.  They split up and went to every fraternity party before Max found her hidden in a closet, clothes torn and body bloody.  The rape still lingers with Lia even after all these years.  Max and Collin and Gavin all live together now, mainly to take care of Collin's small daughter Chloe, whose mother is dead.

One morning Max gets a call from Lia to come bail her out of jail for assaulting her boyfriend, Travis, whom she caught having sex with a co-worker at Jimney's bar.  Working two jobs when she dropped out of college after the attack, it took several years for her to get the rest of her credits to become a teacher, and is now breaking her back trying to earn the last thousand dollars to finally get her diploma.  Lia and Max used to be good friends, but the past several months Max hasn't come over.  She knows she is hugely attracted to Max, but her brother Collin would be against it because Max has sort of a reputation for sleeping with a different woman every night.

Max uses women to try to get his mind off Lia, but after bailing her out of jail he lets his roommates know he is quitting that kind of life.  One of the reasons Lia is wary of Max is because since leaving the service he hasn't found a real job.  Thanks to money he inherited after his father died, Max is aimless and can't decide what to do with his life.

Heather Van Fleet has brought us into the world of three fast friend trying to live with what life has thrown at them.  Collin lost the mother of his child and fortunately has two friends and a new girlfriend, Addison, to help with her.  Max has no true purpose for living, and it appears Gavin is living with some sort of PTSD.  Lia has turned to piercings, tattoos and different colored hair every day to try to deal with the leftovers of her assault, and despite some counselling, it still affects her everyday life.

THE RIGHT KIND OF RECKLESS shows how Max and Lia each overcome their own problems, and if Max can cope with Lia moving away to start a teaching job, still scared of whether she can trust her feelings for him.  Friendship and love come together in THE RIGHT KIND OF RECKLESS, book two in the RECKLESS HEARTS series.  Collin and Addison's story is RECKLESS HEARTS (February 2017) and Gavin's story will be next.  Pick up THE RIGHT KIND OF RECKLESS this month, you'll enjoy it.

Carolyn Crisher