DIRE DESIRES Stephanie Tyler
Eternal Wolf Clan
, Book 3
Signet Eclipse
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-24001-9
July 2013
Paranormal Romance

The Catskills, New York Present Day

Once again, the Dire wolves have barely recovered from one fight and another comes right at them.  Rogue is just now coming out of a six-month supernatural coma induced by a mare (an evil supernatural being).  His twin brother Jinx was tricked into opening Purgatory, and he let loose all sorts of bad creatures, including the hellhounds.  And now Jinx has heard of a female Dire Wolf held in a psychiatric hospital.  Together with his friend Jez, a deadhead (a vampire from an older order), who has been sent to help Jinx through the current troubles, Jinx goes to the hospital to try to find the young, unchanged Dire who is surely in trouble.  Jinx never thought he could get along with a vampire, but they are roommates, and Jez always has his back.

Gillian Blackwell has been in a psychiatric hospital for five years.  Her parents say there's something wrong with her, but with the constant shots and pills, she can barely keep her eyes open.  She only knows that every month during the full moon she must escape from the hospital and run naked in the woods until she ends up back where she started.  Her parents are millionaires, and when Jinx comes and breaks her out of the hospital, the police get involved, and there is a five million dollar reward for her.  Jinx knows everyone must be careful of Gillian until her twenty-first birthday when she has her first shift into wolf.  It isn't hard to figure out Gillian is a Dire, immortal and strong, and nobody can figure out how the elders let a Dire out of Greenland where they were created.

Cain met Angus months ago when the original troubles started, and after Angus barely survived an attack, Cain hasn't seen him since, until he smells him one night.  Formerly an FBI agent, Angus is now a hunter, and when they meet again all of Cain's old feelings erupt inside him.  Could Angus be his mate?

Liam's father Linus was killed by weretrappers, and now Liam is in the position to be King of the Manhattan pack.  First there are a few things to clear up, including the human he mated with who then deceived him and took another lover and is now pregnant with his child.  Liam knows he must kill the mate who betrayed him, but how could he ever accept another man's child?

What with Liam fighting everyone to ensure his position as King, Rogue waking up from a coma, and Jinx having to deal with the hellhounds and the ghosts who talk to him night and day, things are always happening at the Dire mansion.

Stephanie Tyler continues her story of the Dire wolves and how they now have the safety of the world on their backs with the beings released from Purgatory, and a young woman with a price on her head.  The weretrappers are still out there looking to kill wolves, and life is suddenly very dangerous.

There are so many secondary characters, each with a story of his or her own.  Rifter is their King and Gwen is his mate.  Rogue and Jinx are twins, yet with Rogue's injures and coma, he is afraid of what Jinx might do to get everybody back in Purgatory.  Liam is going through his tribulations as King of the Manhattan pack and facing up to his mate's actions is the hardest thing he's ever had to do.  Jez the vampire is always helping Jinx, and could turn out to go above and beyond for the Dires.

DIRE DESIRES is book three in the Eternal Wolf Clan series, and begins about six months after DIRE WANTS.  If the paranormal world and the different beings that inhabit it are what you enjoy, this is the story for you.

Carolyn Crisher