SWAT-Special Wolf Alpha Team, Book 9
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-13:  978-1-492-67056-8
June 2019

Los Angeles, California – Present day

It's been over thirteen years since British Special Forces Corporal Zane Kendrick was in Afghanistan and lost three men he had gone through basic training with to the Taliban.  When Zane was discharged after his injuries, he was different, so different that his fiancée broke up with him.  He considered himself a monster.

Now Zane works with the Dallas SWAT team as part of a team that is comprised all of werewolves.  Hunters have been coming to Dallas killing werewolves and have even attacked their team twice.  They have tracked the former Chief of Police who was behind the attacks on their SWAT unit to Los Angeles, where they are in a nightclub.  The man behind the Hunters they believe is Stefan Curtis, who it appears is now into kidnapping young women from bars with drugged drinks.  Why is he doing this, and what is that wonderful scent?

 Alyssa Carson is with the FBI and in the same nightclub looking for someone who is kidnapping and draining the blood of young women.  Her department in the FBI investigates “strange” occurrences all over the world.  Then she sees Mr. Tall, Dark and Gorgeous following the two girls and the suspect, Stefan, out of the bar.  A fight ensues and she is amazed at the speed and fighting abilities of the unknown man.  Neither one wants to let the other know everything about what they do, but Zane can tell from Alyssa's scent that she could be The One, the one true mate for him.  Well, this makes everything much more complicated.

Told from Zane and Alyssa's point of view, WOLF INSTINCT is chock full of action and bad people, maybe even vampires, who are behind the attacks on the werewolves.  If this spreads across the country, the whole community of werewolves could be in danger.

Secondary characters are Zane's fellow SWAT team members Rachel Bennett and Diego Martinez, and Alyssa's FBI friend Christine.  Stefan Curtis and his group of thugs will try anything to get rid of Zane and Alyssa.

WOLF INSTINCT is another in Paige Tyler's exciting and thrilling SWAT books.  You can always count on them to give you an interesting and fascinating look at the werewolf culture and the SWAT members in Dallas PD.  WOLF INSTINCT won't let you down this month.

Carolyn Crisher