X-Ops Series
, Book 6
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-13:  978-1492625926
March 2017
Paranormal Suspense

Washington, DC - Present Day

It was eight years ago when Detective Braden Hayes and his partner, Tommy Knight, went in by themselves to a warehouse with bad guys.  Braden's entire family were police officers, and he remembers his father's most important advice:  never forget to follow the rules or go into a dangerous situation without back-up.  Now Tommy, with twenty years more experience on him, says trust his instincts, instincts that led to Tommy losing his life in a shoot-out and Braden blaming himself for not calling in more protection.

Braden has been after cat burglar Dreya Clark for a long time; he's brought her in for interrogation but never could pin anything on her.  But . . . now he's hit the jackpot.  He's had her under surveillance for four days, and he's right in the middle of watching her pull off a burglary.  But now he's just seen her climb up fourteen stories of a building using nothing but her hands.  What Braden doesn't know is that the curved claws at the ends of her fingers can fit in the tiny crevices in the brick work.  Dreya is a feline shifter, something he's never heard of.

Braden catches Dreya trying to run away and takes her in for questioning.  Right in the middle of his interrogation, two people come in with the right signed paperwork to take her away.  Braden finds out they are from the DCO, Department of Covert Operations.  She is being given five days to train and find out what the DCO is about, and all charges will be dismissed against her.  Braden finds out where Dreya is being kept, and they offer to let him partner with her.  Perhaps that was their plan all along to get both of them working for the DCO?  Their assignment is to find a doctor who is taking shifters and using their DNA to make hybrid shifters, and it will take all their training and Dreya's exceptional shifter skills to survive.  This is an operation that relies mainly on instinct, something Braden has been trying to avoid since his partner Tommy's death.

There are many members of the DCO training Dreya and Braden and Trevor, an operative who has been assigned to the mental hospital where the doctor is performing his experiments.

HER TRUE MATCH is another shifter book by Paige Tyler who has made shifters her own.  I have not read any of the other X-Ops Series books, but I did not feel I was missing any important details.  If you love shifters and lots of action, HER TRUE MATCH is a must read this month.

Carolyn Crisher