Librarians in Love , Book1
Zebra Shout
ISBN: 978-1-4201-4183-2
March 2017
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California – Present Day

Melissa “Bernie” Bernard is a dedicated college librarian who becomes an “internet meme” sensation when she's filmed frowning at a couple getting engaged in her library. The resulting publicity is embarrassing and attracts unwanted attention to her and the library, which leads to her being forced to take a month off from work. Colin Rodriguez, a reporter for Glaze , an online magazine, shows up and offers Bernie an extraordinary deal: go on thirty dates with thirty different men in thirty days and Colin will not only arrange it, but report on it for the magazine in hopes the publicity will change her image. Bernie hesitates, but after writing an anonymous letter to a relationship help site and being told to go for it, she agrees. What Bernie doesn't know is that Colin's side job is writing as the anonymous relationship guru.

For the next thirty days, Bernie is transformed from a dowdy librarian to a chic woman ready to attract men. The dates don't go as planned, but through it all, Colin is by her side recording everything for a daily column in Glaze . They're growing comfortable with each other, which soon leads to a kiss. But Colin isn't into relationships, especially one that results in a commitment, because Bernie is a woman who needs a forever type guy. How will the thirty days go? Will Bernie find the man for her, or will Colin finally step up to the plate?

THE UNDATEABLE is a sweet and cute romance that builds things slowly between Bernie and Colin. Bernie will be the first to admit she leads a boring life and runs a tight ship at the library, but she wasn't against the marriage proposal in the library. She just got caught by surprise and the camera happened to capture her frowning.  Alas, everyone now thinks she is the “Disapproving Librarian” and going on these dates under the guidance of Colin and Glaze will help prove she can be a “fun” person. Well, not exactly. Despite her avowals of enjoying fun, deep down she has simple pleasures, which surprisingly has Colin appreciating her more.

Colin is a struggling journalist and the only male at Glaze . He jumped on the chance to interview Bernie, but his boss wants more, which leads to the thirty planned dates. Even after Bernie is primped and prettied up, she is still the same person who prefers to not draw attention to herself. Colin sets up some incredible dates, from a dedicated jogger to a puppeteer to businessmen, but deep down Bernie just wants to be loved for herself as she is. While he's changing Bernie's life, Colin's own love life is on hold, and each day he grows increasingly jealous of the other men. But a job is a job, and he needs the money, and when the finale is planned and she chooses her guy, he's going to have to grin and bear it, despite the feelings that have grown between them. Will they finally act upon them before the end of THE UNDATEABLE? How will Bernie react when she finds out Colin is the advice columnist?

A funny tale along the lines of My Fair Lady , grab a copy of THE UNDATEABLE.

Patti Fischer