WILD AT HEART – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance Series
Harlequin Blaze #755
ISBN: 978-0-373-79759-2
July 2013
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Ranch hand Luke Griffin doesn't believe in staying too long on a ranch before he's back on the road looking for the next job. He's planning to leave Last Chance Ranch soon, so when he meets wildlife observer Naomi Perkins out at her observation point on the ranch where she's studying some eagles, getting involved with her is the farthest thing from his mind. However, neither can deny the sexual attraction which sizzles between them, and when Naomi insists she's not looking for a permanent relationship, they agree to a temporary fling out in the wilds where she's camped and in between Luke's work schedule.

Naomi's parents run a restaurant in town, and getting the temporary job observing a family of eagles for a university professor is a good way to be close to her family before she looks for another job. After accidentally spilling a sticky sport drink on Luke that forces him to take off his shirt— oh my —Naomi's female parts come alive. She can't leave her post, but there's no reason Luke can't spend his nights with her at the camp. He makes it clear he'll soon be leaving, and that's okay with her. But as the days—and nights—continue, Naomi begins to discover Luke means more to her than a passing affair.

In WILD AT HEART, Naomi and Luke have convinced themselves that permanency—in both their lives and relationships—are not something they want, yet the more they're together, the harder it will be to say goodbye. Both enjoy watching the eagle babies as they grow, yet the slow pace of the action gives Naomi and Luke plenty of time to get in as much lovemaking as they can fit in, knowing their time together is short. I think they used just about every available place to have sex, from the platform where they observe the eagles, to the trunk of a tree, and a cold—very cold—stream nearby. Each session brings them closer as their feelings for each other soon turn into something more than just a sexual dalliance.

Readers who have read the previous Sons of Chance series will catch a glimpse of prior characters, from Jack Chance, the oldest son of the clan, to Emmett Sterling, the ranch foreman, but WILD AT HEART can be read as a standalone with no problems since most of the action is between Naomi and Luke. Vicki Lewis Thompson knows how to write sexy, hunky cowboys, and WILD AT HEART is no exception. Naomi and Luke enter into a temporary fling, but out in the wilds of Wyoming while observing eagles and enjoying hot, passionate sex, they soon bond, especially when a town event threatens the eagles. Can they give up their vagabond lifestyles and settle down with each other? You'll have to read WILD AT HEART to find out yourself. 

WILD AT HEART is full of sexy fun and one that will surely win the heart of readers.

Patti Fischer