LONG ROAD HOME – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance , Book 7
Harlequin Blaze #687
ISBN: 978-0-373-79691-5
June 2012
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Deciding to surprise his half-brother Jack Chance, Wyatt Locke is headed to the Last Chance Ranch during a severe thunderstorm when he runs into beautician Olivia Sedgewick with her car in the ditch. He rescues her and takes her to the ranch house, only to discover that Jack is out of town and the power is out. With the roads nearly impassible due to the heavy rain, Jack's stepmother, Sarah, invites Wyatt to spend the night, and he agrees, even if it means he'll be with a bunch of women who are having a “beauty night.” This gives Wyatt the opportunity to get to know Olivia even better. The only thorns in his plan to get close to Olivia are the other women at the house, making it a bit hard to sneak in kissing and other pleasures! But Wyatt and Olivia do know how to put their time to good use.

Olivia is fairly new to the area as she moved here to be with her dad. After three broken engagements, Olivia is planning to take things slow with any potential new suitor, but being around Wyatt has her forgetting her own rules! He makes her hot and thinking of ways to get alone with him. And boy, do they ever find ways. Wyatt isn't sure how Jack will take to his unplanned visit, so he can't promise Olivia anything beyond a day or two of pure sexual bliss. Both of them feel as if they're living on borrowed time, not knowing what the future holds for them.

Welcome back to the Last Chance Ranch. Given the right outfit, any man stepping foot on the land is instantly turned into a sexy, rugged cowboy. For Wyatt Locke, his transformation is complete with the help of Sarah Chance and others as they do a little matchmaking between him and Olivia. Attraction sizzles between Wyatt and Olivia from the moment they meet, and it had nothing to do with the thunderstorm swirling around them. The chance to spend the night under the same roof with Olivia (albeit with all the other women) is like a gift from above for Wyatt. Of course, he wishes they could spend the night wrapped in each other's arms, but a few kisses here and there is just enough to tide them over until they can find some alone time. Their coming together is scorching—each and every time.

Wyatt and Jack share the same mother, but only Wyatt was raised by her, and he doesn't feel as if he had any advantage because of her cold and unloving nature. Trying to mend the fences between his newly found half brother, Wyatt doesn't know how Jack will react when he comes home to find him there. He has to admit the area looks good and he might even consider relocating his outfitting business to Wyoming. Of course, everything is going to depend on Jack…with Olivia being a bonus. Olivia is well aware of Wyatt's “visit” and tries not to fall for him, but it doesn't matter, because the more she's around him, the harder it is to resist.

Vicki Lewis Thompson knows how to write sizzling hot romance, and in LONG ROAD HOME she doesn't disappoint. The sexual escapades and adventures between Wyatt and Olivia as they sneak around to give into their lust are as cute and funny as they are scorching. If you love a little bit of humor in your reading mixed with some hot romance, then grab yourself a copy of LONG ROAD HOME.

Patti Fischer