IN THE COWBOY'S ARMS – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Thunder Mountain Brotherhood
Harlequin Special Edition
ISBN: 978-0-373-62352-5
June 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Thunder Mountain Ranch and Academy, near Sheridan, Wyoming

Geena Lysander has a problem on her hands. As a public relations representative for people in the movie business, she handles rising cowboy actor Matt Forrest who has just starred in his first movie—it's only a while before the premier. But now a scandal is brewing with photos in the papers and online of him and his co-star, Briana Danvers, indulging in a hot kiss. Scandalous? Briana is married to a much loved icon in the business. When Matt arrives at Geena's office, obviously trying to disguise himself, she lays out a plan for him to hold a press conference in which he apologizes. He tells Geena he did not kiss Briana; he had turned her down when she propositioned him and then the insulted, limelight loving actress kissed him in public and told lies about their relationship. Now Matt is furious when Geena appears not to believe him. He takes off for home in a huff.

Where is home for Matt Forrest? Where else but Thunder Mountain Ranch in Wyoming? He is one of the many boys taken in by Rosie and Herb Padgett when they had nowhere else to go. Those boys formed a brotherhood sworn to live by a code of honor and to always have each other's backs. Geena quickly realizes she had hurt Matt and that something needs to be done quickly to stave off a worse scandal that would keep people away from the movie. That would not be good for her PR business; besides, she cares for Matt. She quickly puts her assistant in charge and takes off to follow him. What Geena finds in Wyoming is a mixed welcome from Matt's friends, but they soon follow Rosie's lead and warm up to her as this city girl fits in surprisingly well with ranch life. Geena learns that the ranch now runs a horse rescue operation and a school for disturbed teens. Perfect PR for Matt and his movie, but he is strongly against using his home and family for gain that way. Besides, he'd rather the mother who cruelly abandoned him years ago did not learn where he can be found.

IN THE COWBOY'S ARMS begins a new miniseries of Thunder Mountain Brotherhood books. Readers will meet wonderful characters from previous tales as well as new ones. But don't worry about getting lost; this tale is fresh and captivating for new readers or old. Matt is good and gentlemanly, but has old issues to resolve. Geena is a strong woman open to new things. How they come together will keep you reading and eager for the next episode, SAY YES TO THE COWBOY, coming out in July.

I loved Ms. Thompson's Nerd books and her Wild About You series, but then somehow I got distracted. It's good to be back!

Jane Bowers