I CROSS MY HEART - Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance Series
Harlequin Blaze #751
ISBN: 978-0-373-79755-4
June 2013
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Wyoming - Present Day

Cowboy Nash Bledsoe is sent to a neighboring ranch to investigate a report of smoke coming from the area. He arrives to find a burning recliner in front of the Triple G ranch house with a woman standing nearby overseeing the fire. Turns out she is self-help guru Bethany Grace, the only child of the late ranch owner and the woman who inadvertently contributed to the breakup of Nash's marriage. Bethany is there to clean up the ranch and sell it, but she is going to need some help, so Nash, who is intrigued by her, offers to work for her. Of course, the fact that he's attracted to her is a big reason he offered his help. Plus, the chance of having sex with her wouldn't be something he'd turn down.

While she is a bestselling author, Bethany's career is about to explode with a major opportunity, but the plans could be derailed if the press learn that her father died in squalor. She only has a week planned to get the place spiffed up enough in order to put it up for sale, so Nash's offer of assistance is much welcomed. She is also attracted to him, and they don't waste any time before they squeeze into her childhood twin bed for some hanky panky. Will their plans to clean up the house and property get derailed while they enjoy nightly bouts of erotic pleasure?

It's a return to the Last Chance ranch and Shoshone, Wyoming for readers in I CROSS MY HEART. If you've read the prior books in the Sons of Chance series, then you're familiar with the Chance family and the extended members of their family. Nash works for the Chances, but is also the best friend of Jack Chance. We get caught up on several of the characters from the prior books, but I CROSS MY HEART is the start of a new trilogy that will have additional releases in July and August. Nash returned to Last Chance after his marriage failed in California, yet being free is almost a relief. He's not looking for another wife, so a fling with Bethany works perfectly for him. But the more he has sex with her, the harder it's going to be to say goodbye to her.

Not real close to her parents, Bethany walked away from her family as soon as she reached adulthood. Now that her remaining parent is gone, she wants to finally rid herself of the last tie to her past. Her father drank heavily, and the house-and the infamous reclining chair-reeks of booze, so it is a cathartic feeling to torch the chair. Nash is an oasis in the stark desert she once called home, and she eagerly looks forward to their sexual encounters. Once she returns to Atlanta, it's time to start her new career as a television host, but will she have a hard time walking away from Nash?

I CROSS MY HEART has plenty of sex scenes that are not only scorching, but hold a hint of humor as they fumble to deal with their active libido in tight spaces. In the end, Nash and Bethany are falling in love, yet know their lives will make it difficult to plan a future together. Will they work it out? If you love a great sensual romance with a bit of humor, then look no further than I CROSS MY HEART.

Patti Fischer