FEELS LIKE HOME – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance , Book 9
Harlequin Blaze #699
ISBN: 978-0-373-79703-5
August 2012
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Arriving on the Last Chance Ranch ahead of his brother's wedding, financial wizard Rafe Locke doesn't plan to dress or act like a cowboy during his time in Wyoming.  However, meeting the pretty maid of honor, Meg Seymour, he's smitten enough to change his mind and agrees to try on some cowboy gear. Of course, he's doing it mostly to lure Meg into his bed, which proves successful. Rafe is a city slicker born and bred, with no plans to remain in Wyoming, while Meg is toying with the idea of settling down in the area. An affair is all that they can promise each other; then they'll each go their separate ways after the wedding.

Meg loves the lifestyle and area around the Last Chance Ranch and is ready to jump at the chance for a new beginning. She can picture Rafe by her side, but he makes it clear he's returning to San Francisco after the wedding ceremony. It took a bit for her to wean Rafe from his cell phone, but she's succeeded. If there is any way they can build a relationship together—in Wyoming—Meg is going to try. But Rafe is stubborn, even as their sexual chemistry burns hotter than a bonfire.

It's a return to the Last Chance Ranch in FEELS LIKE HOME. We are treated to sexy, hunky cowboys, as every man who has come to the ranch has soon turned into a natural born cowboy, and Rafe is no exception. For a man who lives in suits, he suddenly feels comfortable in jeans and boots. Meg help takes his mind off the possible arrival of his mother, Diana, for the wedding. Diana had basically abandoned Rafe's half-brother, Jack, as a toddler and isn't likely welcome at the Last Chance. The instant sexual attraction Rafe feels for Meg has him plotting ways to get alone—and naked—with her. It takes some doing with so many folks around, but they do succeed.

Meg nearly lost her life in a car accident a few years ago and has embarked on a quest to enjoy life. Quitting her job and moving to Wyoming might seem crazy, but for Meg it seems the perfect idea for a change in scenery. She sees Rafe as the perfect partner, as they get along together great. But the man is resistant to even think of leaving the city, and it just may cause an early end to their fling. Can she convince Rafe that he belongs in Wyoming?

In FEELS LIKE HOME we catch up on the past characters in the Sons of Chance series—too numerous to mention. The reason for Rafe's arrival is the marriage of his brother Wyatt to Olivia from LONG ROAD HOME (June 2012). Vicki Lewis Thompson knows how to make men into cowboys and ante up the heat in her books. FEELS LIKE HOME is no exception. Grab an ice cold drink and be prepared to sit back with some pure fun reading enjoyment in this sexy tale.

Patti Fischer