The Cowboys of Cold Creek
Harlequin Special Edition #2179
ISBN: 978-0-373-65661-5
March 2012
Contemporary Romance

In celebration of Special Edition's thirtieth anniversary, a short story, "The Anniversary Party," follows A COLD CREEK REUNION .  

Pine Gulch, Idaho – Present Day

Chief Taft Bowman and his crew of firemen are practicing water rescue when he receives a call regarding a structure fire at the old inn on Cold Creek Road .  The fire is quickly put out, but Taft is shocked to see Laura, his ex-fiancée, who left just before their wedding ten years ago.

Laura and her two children are back in Pine Gulch after the death of her husband.  She is helping her mother run and renovate the inn.  Taft is building a log house and a barn for his horses.  He pretends to be very nonchalant about Laura's return, but in reality, he is still very attracted to her and happy she is home.  He feels guilty, blaming himself for the breakup.  Taft moves into the inn temporarily to help with some of the repairs.  Laura is not happy being around Taft so much, but knowing how short money is, she accepts her mother's decision.

Ms. Thayne is back in Cold Creek with Taft, a wonderful character from the Bowman family in the small town of Pine Gulch .   They are a happy family who take care of and support each other.  Taft had some problems ten years ago—will Laura forgive him and give him a chance to redeem himself?  They are both excellent characters who have to get through their troubled past to find each other.  As always, Ms. Thayne writes a sweet and heartwarming love story.  You can look forward to another romance in the Bowman family over Christmas in 2012.

The Anniversary Party RaeAnne Thayne, Christine Rimmer, Susan Crosby, Christyne Butler, Gina Wilkins, Cindy Kirk

Melissa Morgan is with her sister Abby, getting ready for a party to celebrate their parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary.  Her house is decorated in an Italian theme to commemorate their parent's honeymoon trip.  Melissa is worried about her romance with Josh.  They have been dating for a year, but lately, he seems to be cooling toward her.  She doesn't realize that her mother is also worrying about both of her daughters' relationships.  There are several misunderstandings that Melissa and Abby's mother is determined to solve.  Will she be able to help so they will have the happy life that she has been blessed with?

Each chapter of The Anniversary Party is written by a different Special Edition author, and it all blends together beautifully as misunderstandings pile onto misunderstandings in this short tale.  An ending that is both comical and delightful will leave readers with a smile. 

Marilyn Heyman