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THE TAKEOVER – Cara Tanamachi 
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250842282
January 30, 2024
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

How would you feel if the guy you competed against in high school at almost every turn ends up being part of a company that is bidding to take over the one you work for? That is what Nami faces in THE TAKEOVER. It’s her thirtieth birthday and out of the blue, old nemesis Jae Lee texts her to say that he will see her soon. Nami is dreading that he will be at the surprise birthday party that her mother is throwing for her, but after she arrives, he is not there. Maybe he was just mocking her like he used to do in high school. Back then, they were always competing for something or the other, and he barely beat her out as valedictorian at their school graduation. But when Nami arrives at work, she discovers what Jae Lee meant. He is part of the takeover team. 

Of course, Nami isn’t happy to see Jae, but he is jovial and seems sincere about helping the company she works for as they navigate the takeover bid. As they work together, she soon discovers that he may not be the bad guy she had always thought him to be. They start to hang out and even get mistaken for being girlfriend/boyfriend. But it’s only friendship, right? There is still a takeover bid going on, though it appears that her employer might be going in a different direction. Will their newfound friendship lead to something more? What happens in the end with the takeover? Will everyone end up happy?

Added into the mix of Nami’s new friendship with her old rival, Jae, readers will be introduced to her family in THE TAKEOVER. Her sister, Sora, is getting married to Jack, a nice guy, but their mother is driving the bride-to-be crazy with her need to control everything about the wedding. Nami recently ended her engagement to a guy who cheated on her and had already experienced her mother’s need for control. Nami advises Sora to tell her mother that she has her own ideas for the wedding. But will her sister get the nerve to actually say those words? The engagement debacle has left a bad taste in Nami’s mouth as she put all her faith into one man, and he failed her. As such, she is not looking for another trip down the aisle. But it’s not like Jae Lee would be her choice of a groom, right?

Readers will laugh and cry at Nami’s upside-down life in THE TAKEOVER. Her co-workers are an eccentric bunch and Nami fits in well with them. Jae is an unexpected addition to her life. Will it mean a possible future together for them? An enjoyable tale, you can find out what happens to them by grabbing a copy of THE TAKEOVER.

Patti Fischer

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