A Riley O'Brien & Company Romance Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-27997-7
June 2016
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco The Present

Bebe Banerjees's fiancé wants to blackmail her into marriage. He was satisfied that her education and now her job had kept them on separate continents since their respective parents arranged the pairing in India. When she refused to take a hospital residency position after earning her MD, he gave her a lot of money to get an MBA and law degree. Now she has to pay him back or set the marriage date to take place in a few months. She hates him and decides to somehow get the money, and make sure he doesn't get her thirty-year old virginity.

Since he met his sister Teagan's best friend Bebe four years ago, Bebe and Cal O'Brien have been at odds, one-upping one another's barbs and insults. It's the one way for him to keep his libido for the petite woman at bay. When he overhears Bebe confessing to Teagan that she wants to get rid of her virginity, he plans to become the man to do the deed.

Bebe also has used the verbal sparring between her and Cal as protection. She knows he cannot be interested in her; not even her own mother likes her. Then he suddenly agrees to help her, but it is not a one-night deed, but a long drawn out seduction. She still believes their affair is doomed but wants to enjoy it for as long as possible. Then her fiancé shows up to force her hand.

HANGING BY A THREAD has everything a romance should: opposing forces, seduction, a heroine who can take care of herself, a hero determined to make sure she doesn't have to, and a villain wanting his own way. Quinn and Teagan O'Brien, from the previous volumes, ALL THE RIGHT PLACES and COMING APART AT THE SEAMS, play important roles in this story, but readers need not have read the entire series to enjoy this volume.

Robin Lee