Uniformly Hot! Series
Harlequin Blaze #770
ISBN: 978-0-373-79774-5
October 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

West Point, New York – Present Day

College professor Maggie Barlow plans to pen a book about an Army Rangers mission that resulted in the rescue of three aid workers in Afghanistan in order to gain tenure at her college. She is just starting the interviews and needs access to the men of the mission. The Army reluctantly gives her access, but puts her under the wing of one of the men, Hunter Cross, who happens to have been Maggie's post-breakup walk on the sexy side just two days before. If she would've realized who Hunter was then, she would never have bedded him, but now he's sticking close to her side…and hints he wouldn't mind picking up where they left off the other night.

Hunter has been ordered by his superiors to sabotage Maggie's task because they don't want another tell-all book to be released that could reveal secrets of the US Army. The Army can't say no to her request for interviews because Maggie's father was a well revered military man. Hunter is floored when he recognizes the straight-laced professor Margaret Barlow as his Maggie, the woman who requested—and received—multiple orgasms from him two nights ago. Hunter has a job to do, but he hopes his lust for Maggie doesn't interfere with his assignment. He even finagles a chance to stay at her house. How will Maggie and Hunter be able to keep their hands off one another when the desire between them burns hotter than a volcano?

Maggie normally plays it safe in her love life and thought she'd never see her one night stand again until he walks through the door. Hunter is a man she only picked up because she wanted to have one night of pleasure after being breaking off the engagement to her cheating fiancé. She's embarrassed, but luckily Hunter doesn't give her away to his superiors. Getting tenure is too important for her to jeopardize her career with a scandalous fling, yet the same zing of attraction that drew her to Hunter in the first place is still there. Maggie tries to keep him at arm's length, but having him under her roof is proving to be too hard to resist the lure of inviting him to share her bed.

The US Army Rangers and Hunter don't want the truth of what happened during the mission—including how he got injured—for fear of another military scandal. Keeping a lid on Maggie by controlling what information she is fed is the plan of action. Yet Hunter can't deny that he still feels attracted to Maggie, and wants to learn more about why she sought him out that night. How will Maggie feel when she learns Hunter has been ordered by his bosses to keep an eye on her? Is her book—and her chance for promotion—doomed? Can they fight the sizzling attraction between them?

A stellar tale about Army Rangers and the woman who wants to write a book revolving around one of their adventures is at the heart of COMMAND PERFORMANCE. Maggie spotted Hunter that Saturday night at a car show, and he became the man who would give her at least three orgasms per her request. Their chemistry sizzles and Maggie soon can't deny that Hunter is the one who can make her body hum. Yet readers realize that the truth will come out about what the Army wants, though clearly it's Maggie that Hunter wants. Grab COMMAND PERFORMANCE for a fun, sexy tale that will give you a couple hours of some nonstop reading pleasure.

Patti Fischer