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St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250867933
February 6, 2024
Romantic Comedy

England – Present Day

Ex-footballer Alfie Harding is badgered into writing his memoirs, but the guy doesn’t know how to even begin. A sweet and curvy ghostwriter by the name of Mabel Willicker is hired to write his words for him. Of course, this means spending time together as she asks him questions and hopes to get some interesting responses. The two don’t get along at first, mainly because Alfie is a bit of a jerk, but he soon grows on Mabel. She is well aware that the bachelor-in-high-demand Alfie wouldn’t normally date someone who has lots of curves, but that doesn’t stop them from flirting with each other. Soon, rumors about them begin when they are spotted out together in public. Alfie thinks it’s funny, but he isn’t on social media and doesn’t see what people are saying about her. Mabel can’t wait until the project is done…or is she?

Opposites attract between a retired football player and the ghostwriter hired to write his memoirs in the funny WHEN GRUMPY MET SUNSHINE. Alfie isn’t really interested in his memoirs because he is like, “Why am I interesting?’ Mabel is there to flesh out his thoughts for him and pen a biography that will sell books. He is a laidback man who doesn’t have a current girlfriend and he’s spent most of his life playing football. Mabel and Alfie don’t get along for most of this tale, yet there is this spark of attraction that soon develops. 

There is plenty of bantering and bickering back and forth between Alfie and Mabel. She wants to ignore the fact that she is falling for him. Social media comments are placed at the end of each chapter. Some are good comments and others are well…not so complimentary because of Mabel’s curviness. How can a handsome bloke like Alfie fall for a woman like her? Readers will sympathize not only for Mabel but for Alfie. There are a lot of wrong assumptions about them by others. Underneath the cocky attitude is a nice guy…and one who is finding himself liking Mabel a lot. Mabel has to get over her self-consciousness because Alfie likes her the way she is. 

WHEN GRUMPY MET SUNSHINE takes place in England and while Alfie is a footballer (not the American kind), there is not much chatter about the sport in this tale. There really aren’t any other characters other than these two. It’s all about the burgeoning feelings—and potential romance—between Alfie and Mabel. A different sort of tale, so be sure to not miss WHEN GRUMPY MET SUNSHINE.

Patti Fischer

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