HOMECOMING - Shannon Stacey
Boys of Fall , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-515-15586-0
September 2016
Contemporary Romance

Stewart Mills, New Hampshire - Present Day

Sam didn't expect to have to come back to Stewart Mills, he was ready to leave the town behind for good after helping out with the fundraiser last summer. But Coach, the only good male role model Sam had in his life, was in the hospital and needed someone to take over coaching the high school football team. Taking a leave of absence from his job, Sam headed back to Stewart Mills to try to step into Coach's role in the high schoolers' lives. And maybe Jen, the woman he'd hooked up with during the fundraiser, might be interested in spending some time in his bed.

Jen is the guidance counselor at Stewart Mills High School, and she knows how important Coach is to the football team. Worried about the students, Jen plans to step in and help whoever takes over the coaching position—she just didn't expect it to be Sam. And while she quite enjoyed their night together several months ago, she's not really interested in a repeat. But with mutual friends and a common workplace, Sam is just always around. And as time goes on, Jen finds herself looking forward to spending time with him. She's started falling for him, so now what happens when he decides to leave and stay gone for good this time?

Both Jen and Sam are closely guarding their hearts—Sam because he's used to being judged for his past, and Jen because she knows, even if they get into a relationship, Sam won't stick around. Despite how closed off they both try to be, they can't ignore the spark between them. Watching Sam and Jen try to fight their attraction, especially considering Sam's best friends are dating Jen's best friends, is almost comical to watch.

With cute characters and a sweet small-town feel, HOMECOMING is a perfect night-in read. Readers will be cheering on Sam and Jen as they find their way together, despite the many obstacles in their past. While HOMECOMING can be read as a standalone, Jen's and Sam's friends are such a big part of this story, you'll want to read their stories as well.

The  Boys of Fall  series starts with UNDER THE LIGHTS (May 2015), featuring Chase and Kelly, and is followed by DEFENDING HEARTS (October 2015), which is Alex and Gretchen's story. There's no news on any more books in this series, and considering Sam and Jen are the last in the group of friends to get their chance at love, this is likely the end.

Amanda Toth