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FRENEMY FIX-UP – Yahrah St. John
Six Gems, Book 5
Harlequin Afterglow 
ISBN: 978-1-335-04158-6
February 20, 2024
Contemporary Romance

San Antonio, Texas – Present Day

Shay Davis and Colin Anderson had gone to the same high school, but they rarely interacted with each other as they ran in different circles. One day they happen to run into each other at a coffee shop, and they learn that their careers went down different paths. He is a corporate raider and she runs a yoga studio. After a health scare has Colin forced to go on sick leave for ninety days—and he must show improvement in his health after that time—he decides to contact Shay for help. He gives her $25,000 to show him how to have a healthy lifestyle. She thinks it is an outrageous sum of money but since she needs the money to expand the studio, agrees to help him. Colin and Shay then spend lots of time together as she helps him change his eating habits and exercise. It soon leads to a realization that they are sexually attracted to each other. But will having an affair just lead to trouble between them?

Shay and Colin lead such different lives that neither can see how they could be matched romantically in FRENEMY FIX-UP, the latest Six Gems tale by Yahrah St. John. Shay is dealing with not only trying to run her business but having a mother who is easily depressed. Both keep her busy. The money from Colin will help her on the business front. But she remembers him well from high school and they shouldn’t be attracted to each other. He has views on what a perfect wife for him should be and Shay doesn’t meet his requirements. However, it doesn’t take long for them to be sexually involved—and he is a fantastic lover, taking her to heights she’s never experienced before. But sex is all that will ever be between them. An important business acquisition is only weeks away and Colin’s collapsing at work with heart angina forced him into sick leave. He hates it because he feels a promised job promotion is slipping away. But spending time with Shay soon has him forgetting his worries. 

There is a wedding coming up as another Gem gets married. This time it’s Wynter marrying Shay’s brother Riley (you can find their story in HER BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER, out now). Of course, while Shay is navigating her affair with Colin, she is preparing to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Her best friends, the Gems, suspect something is distracting Shay and corners her. While they encourage her, she keeps insisting that Colin is just a business associate. Why can’t she see that she’s falling for the man? Meanwhile, Colin is trying to keep peace with his mother and sister. Families are important to both, so how will they balance work and family? Shay can’t see a future with Colin, and he doesn’t think she is the kind of woman he envisions as his wife. 

An intriguing and emotional tale, be sure to not miss what happens in FRENEMY FIX-UP.

Patti Fischer

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