Out of Bounds , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-425-28102-4
September 2015
Contemporary Romance

Baltimore, Maryland and Napa Valley, California - Present Day

Jay McManus, owner of the National Football League's Baltimore Blaze, didn't become a dot-com millionaire by being unprepared, but he's totally blindsided when he learns that his team is being sued by their own cheerleaders.  Worse though, is the fact that they'll need to hire lawyers better prepared for this type of case, and that means calling in Bridgett Janik, an old lover from several years ago.  In the two years since he's taken over ownership of the team, Jay has seen Bridgett several times, but she's done her best to avoid spending time alone with him.  After their initial meeting about the lawsuit, Jay has every intention of seeing a lot more of her despite their history.

The last thing Bridgett wants is to deal with the man she secretly calls the Antichrist, but her boss gives her little choice.  Years ago, Bridgett lost her heart to Jay, and she's put her feelings for him behind her.  Too bad her body doesn't agree with her mind though, because every time he's in the room, she remembers what it was like to be touched by him.

As they start investigating the lawsuit, it quickly becomes apparent that whatever is going on is a lot more personal than they thought.  Someone has targeted Jay, and if Bridgett isn't careful she may end up as collateral damage.

The latest Out of Bounds novel, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY reunites a pair of former lovers whose relationship ended in disaster.  Jay and Bridgett had a summer fling years ago, and they each blame the other for how things ended.  Jay is the man who broke Bridgett's heart, and it changed her life in the process.  She's put her career first, much to the dismay of her family, but that's the way Bridgett likes it.  Jay sees Bridgett as the heart-breaker who taught him a valuable lesson: sex and emotion don't mix.  After he gets to spend some actual time with her again, Jay knows he wants Bridgett back in his bed—this time he'll leave his heart out of it.

Along with the relationship issues and the lawsuit, Jay and Bridgett are also each dealing with family problems. We've met Bridgett's sisters in the novel, RISKY GAME, which featured her brother, Brody, but this is the first time we're meeting Jay's young sister. Both women are going through life-changing experiences and relying on their siblings, which is another thing Jay and Bridgett have in common. 

A compelling second-chance story, look for SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.

Jennifer Bishop