RISKY GAME - Tracy Solheim
An Out of Bounds Novel , Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-26665-8
May 2014
Contemporary Romance

Baltimore, Maryland - Present Day

Even though she's desperately trying to make ends meet, Shannon “Shay” Everett has just decided that she's not willing to sell out the football team she's interning with to a gossip blog when one of the players and his trainer enter the locker room she's hiding in.  Brody Janik is the star tight end for the Baltimore Blaze, and he's discussing his blood sugar issues with his trainer, while Shay hides in the corner, knowing discovery will blow any chances of earning her PhD this fall, as well as convince the team that she's been revealing secrets already.  A nutritionist whose dissertation involves how athletes use carbohydrates during peak performance, she's not unaware of what Brody's blood sugar issues could do to his career.

When he realizes that Shay is aware of his secret, Brody devises a plan. In exchange for Brody keeping his silence about Shay being in the locker room in order to dig up dirt on the players, she'll keep his secret as well as help him control his blood sugar.  Thanks to the blog though, pretty soon the whole team, as well as everyone who follows football, believes he and Shannon are an item.  Shannon isn't at all the type of woman Brody goes for, so why can't he get her out of his head?

RISKY GAME is a fun sports-themed romance.  Brody has always had life relatively easy, but with two of his teammates falling in love and another friend suffering a football-ending injury, he's been a bit at loose ends.  The issues with his blood sugar have him wondering what he has outside of football, and knowing there is someone who knows his secret and could bring about the end of his career has him a bit worried.  That it's a woman he shouldn't find attractive but can't seem to forget only makes things more confusing.  For Shay, life hasn't been easy since she was ten years old and her father suffered an injury that left him incapable of caring for himself.  She grew up with her grandmother constantly finding her lacking when compared to her beautiful twin sister, but she's always been the smart one, and she's determined to earn her degree so she can help her family out financially.  She's had a little thing for Brody for a while, so having him turn his attention on her is a shock, but she's not about to back down just because he's the great Brody Janik.

This is the third book featuring the players on the Baltimore Blaze football team, but for those new to the series, it's not difficult to follow along.  Characters from the earlier books are present, but the story is all about Shay and Brody.  A captivating romance with likable characters, you won't want to miss RISKY GAME.

Jennifer Bishop