CASSIDY'S COWBOY – Karen Rose Smith
Search for Love , Book 6
Amazon Kindle Edition
December 2011
Contemporary Romance

Present Day Wyoming

Death took Cassidy Sullivan's only parent when she was five. She spent the next twelve years bouncing from home to home in the foster care system, never finding a family to love her. But at seventeen, when she was on her way toward real trouble, she finally had a bit of luck. A wonderful woman named Tina Christopher took her in and became her mentor, eventually leaving her a trust fund and Twin Pines Ranch. Now at twenty-six, she's happy running the ranch and getting to know the sister she didn't know she had. Six months ago, out of the blue, her twin sister Lucy found her. Though their mother kept Cassie, she had given up Lucy, who was lucky to be adopted by a loving couple. Lucy and her husband live on a nearby ranch. The two girls are wondering if it's possible to find their father…and if it would be a good idea to do so.

Cassie is also fortunate in having loyal help in Loren, the ranch foreman, and Rachel, her housekeeper. Loren asks Cassie if his nephew, Ben O'Donnell, and his daughter could stay in the guest cabin this summer. Eighteen month ago, Ben's wife had abandoned him and nine-year-old Julie, and Ben feels Julie needs a whole change of scene. There are immediate sparks between Cassie and Ben, but he's been burned once by a woman and he doesn't trust easily. Cassie has secrets she doesn't want anyone to know.

CASSIDY'S COWBOY is an endearing tale with wonderfully likable characters, as those familiar with Ms. Smith's works have come to expect. She's especially adept at relationships between children and adults.

CASSIDY'S COWBOY is a new e-novella written to fit in with re-issued earlier books in the Search for Love series. So was book four, ALWAYS HER COWBOY, Lucy's story. In the latter, Lucy found Cassie through the agency of Gillian Moore, a recurring psychic in the series. Cassie and Lucy seek her out again to find their father.

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