APRIL'S PROMISE Karen Rose Smith
Forever Love Series, Book 1
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June 2013
Short Contemporary Romance

Present Day Cedar Corners, Virginia

Several years ago, two good people were falling in love with each other. Gabe, an entrepreneur with his own business, was ready for marriage, but April, a financial analyst, was afraid of it. Her fear led her to take a year's job in Singapore for her Boston firm, leaving behind a wounded Gabe. Then April's sister Vanessa captured Gabe's interest, and he was charmed by her. They married, but eight months ago, an accident left Gabe a widower with a captivating daughter of three. He's a great daddy, and with the help of a nanny is getting along quite well, but then the nanny's own family needs her for several months. Working at home and caring full time for little Stephie isn't easy. His mother-in-law, Winnifred, steps in and sends April, now back in Boston, to Gabe's aide.

Here is April's dilemma: she still loves Gabe, but she has a secret she promised her dying sister that she would never reveal, but as it concerns Stephie, doesn't Gabe have the right to know? But she also promised to look after Stephie, and she would never want to do anything that could hurt her. April is able to take time off and ends up moving in. Gabe sees in her all the things he once admired, and the old attraction stirs again. The situation is explosive, and it doesn't help that his best friend seems to be taking an interest in April as well. And she doesn't seem to mind.

Very much a character driven story, in APRIL'S PROMISE we get to know April well and are allowed into Gabe's mind and heart as he examines the present and the past. We meet Winnifred and learn what shaped her daughters. We also meet Gabe's friend Nicholas, who will star in the next Forever Love tale. For a warm, uplifting romance, add APRIL'S PROMISE to your to-be-read list.

At the moment, APRIL'S PROMISE is only available in a digital edition, but Ms. Smith hopes print and audio versions will be out before long, perhaps by the end of July.

Jane Bowers