Psy-Changeling , Book 1
Berkley Sensation
e-ISBN: 978-1-101-04295-3
July 2015 (Reissue)
Paranormal Romance Reissue

San Francisco, California - 2079

In 1979, the Silence Protocol was instituted, conditioning the Psy race to not feel emotion.  The purpose of Silence was to eliminate insanity amongst the Psy, and reduce the chance of breeding serial killers.  One hundred years later, Psy have never known anything other than Silence and consider themselves superior to humans and changelings both.

The daughter of a Councilor and a Cardinal in her own right, Sascha Duncan's Silence is perfect on the outside.  Yet every day she feels more emotion, and is sure she is on her way to a complete mental breakdown followed by Rehabilitation.  Though a Cardinal Psy, her only strong talent seems to be creating a shield to keep Psy, and even the PsyNet, from realizing how fractured her psyche is.  Meeting Lucas Hunter, the alpha of the DarkRiver leopards only exacerbates the situation; the lust he causes her to feel eclipsing all other emotions.

When a Packmate is savagely murdered and Enforcement doesn't seem to be investigating, Lucas Hunter starts to look into things on his own.  What he finds is the possibility of a serial killer amongst the Psy one that the Psy Council has to be aware of.  How else could these murders be ignored?  The business deal with Nikita and Sascha Duncan is meant to give Lucas a chance to get close to both the Council and the PsyNet.  What he gets is an intense reaction to Sascha Duncan and the belief that there is something different about her.  Something that just may help him to uncover a serial killer and challenge all his beliefs about the Psy.

In the future, the world is ruled by the emotionless and arrogant Psy, but a war is brewing in SLAVE TO SENSATION.  The changelings are convinced that the Psy are responsible for the murders of innocent changeling women, but getting the proof will be difficult.  Lucas never imagined he could feel anything for one of the Psy, but Sascha defies description.  There is something unusual about her that makes Lucas wonder if he can trust her in ways he hadn't planned.  Sascha has been aware of her flawed Silence since she was very young, and has been mentally coming apart for a while now, living in fear of being found out and rehabilitated.  Lucas turns her world upside down and has her craving touch and emotion in a way that no Psy can admit to.

The thrilling beginning to the successful Psy-Changeling series, SLAVE TO SENSATION is being reissued in anticipation of the upcoming SHARDS OF HOPE.  In the newest novel, the world is changing by the day, and SLAVE TO SENSATION shows us how those changes were first set in motion.  A fascinating novel, don't miss SLAVE TO SENSATION.

Jennifer Bishop