Guild Hunters , Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-425-25117-1
November 2014
Paranormal Romance

Manhattan, New York - Present Day

The partnership between Guild Hunter Ashwini Taj and the vampire Janvier started off a bit adversarial, but over time they, along with the vampire Naasir, have become an amazing team that was instrumental in the battle against the ancient Archangel Lijuan.  During her recovery from injuries received during the battle, Ash sees a side to the dangerous warrior who has been her partner that scares her: Janvier can be nice .  Not sure what to do with this new Janvier, Ash is happy to get back to work, even if it is a case tracking down what happened to a mummified dog.  It soon becomes apparent that the dog is only the beginning of some strange happenings in Manhattan.  With the city still healing from Lijuan's attack, the last thing they need is another evil taking over.

Janvier has known from their first meeting that Ashwini is the woman for him.  They've fought side by side for years, but after almost losing her during their last mission, Janvier is more determined than ever to convince Ash to admit that she is his.  But Ash is keeping a secret from Janvier, one that threatens any future he could hope to have with her.

From adversaries to partners, to friends, in ARCHANGEL'S SHADOWS, Janvier and Ashwini finally become lovers while trying to discover who is terrorizing women and animals in Manhattan.  Fans of the series will enjoy seeing the romance between them, as well as getting a chance to see what is happening with familiar characters, especially after the ordeal they've recently endured.  They are all preparing for a war, yet there are also everyday things that they have to deal with as well. Elena is still learning the ins and outs of the protocol necessary as Consort to the Archangel of Manhattan, and also has to figure out how to get along with a mother-in-law who sees her as insignificant, while planning her first party as Consort.  The Legion warriors bound to Raphael and Elena will now be residing in Manhattan, so accommodations are necessary.  Though mostly focused on Ash and Janvier, the story also alternates between them and Elena and Raphael.  It is probably best to read the series in order, otherwise you may miss some of what's been going on throughout, but either way, ARCHANGEL'S SHADOWS is a fascinating, emotion-rich tale.

Jennifer Bishop