A WOMAN MADE FOR SIN Michele Sinclair
A Woman Made for... Series, Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-2653-2
August 2014
Historical Romance

London, England 1816

A mysterious man washed up on the shores of an island with an abbey, and is determined to read the maps stored there and find the secret he is looking for.  He barely survived after tasting death, and is now bent on revenge, if only he can find the rest of the maps he needs.

Aimee has convinced her two best friends since youth, Millie and Jennelle, to follow her to the London docks to find who has been stealing maps from Millie's husband and Aimee's brother Charles's shipping company.  But the real reason is that Reece Hamilton, one of Charles's captains and a part owner in the shipping company, is leaving on a trip to the colonies.  After one kiss at Christmas the year before, Aimee knew Charles felt the same as she did, but his determination to leave her alone because he is a third son and has no fortune is vexing to her.  When the women see a man approaching the Zephyr , Reece's ship, Millie and Jennelle flee, but Aimee gets in front of them, hoping to get put on board the ship and change Reece's opinion of a relationship with her.

Reece is on his way to the Colonies when he guesses there is a woman on board.  This has been a problem with women in the past, but so far everything is going well, so he inquires no further about who has brought a stowaway on board.  When Aimee is finally discovered, Reece tries to use everything inside him to avoid them getting intimate.

While Aimee is getting to know the crew on the Zephyr , Millie was sent to the country by her husband.  Nobody knows what happened to Aimee, and Charles is worried that maybe Millie is in trouble and needs to be protected.  Millie sees this as being punished, and starts her own plan to find out where Aimee was taken.  She leaves the country on her own and starts a new life as a server in a bar at the docks, definitely not a job for a Lady of the Ton.

Michele Sinclair brings us two totally unique characters in A WOMAN MADE FOR LOVE.  Written from Millie's, Aimee's, Charles's and Reece's points of view, we see how the actions of one person can have consequences for their friends.  Charles is mad about Millie putting herself in danger by helping Aimee, and sends her away to be safe.  Aimee must hide on the ship until she is discovered climbing the rigging during a storm.  Reece wants Aimee, but feels with his position in life she deserves more.

There are secondary characters here that will tug at your heartstrings.  There's Charles, Millie's husband and Aimee's brother, totally in love with his new bride.  There are lots of sailors on the ship who soon grow to enjoy having Aimee on the ship.  Clive owns the bar where Millie works, and Bessie is another waitress who keeps her distance as she watches Millie work her magic with the customers.  And an enigma is Devlin, a regular at the bar and owner of a gambling hall who also has a secret in his life.  Unfortunately, Devlin begins to also care for Millie and protects her when the unknown man starts following her.

A WOMAN MADE FOR SIN is an intriguing story of two women, one struggling to get the man she loves to pay attention to her, and the other struggling to hold her own identity in a marriage with a man who she feels wants to control her every move.  Following the story of Charles and Millie in A WOMAN MADE FOR PLEASURE (August 2012), it should be Jennelle's story next.  There are two probable men who could break down her vow never to get married and let a man rule her life; it will be exciting to see which one it will be and how he will go about getting her attention.  If you enjoy the sea and a woman putting herself in a position she never thought to be in, this is the story for you this month.

Carolyn Crisher