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Rose Bend, Book 6
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-44802-6
February 20, 2024
Contemporary Romance

Rose Bend, Massachusetts – Present Day

Florence “Flo” Dennison returns home after a disappointing trip to Thailand where her boss hit on her. All she wants is a drink and a man to warm her bed that night, so she heads to a local bar. She gets the drink and spots a stranger. She makes sure that he doesn’t plan on staying in Rose Bend and is soon getting her wish of a man in her bed. The next day, Flo is offered a job as a photographer for a vintage house restoration show and she will work closely with the project manager. She is introduced to him and learns to her horror that he is her one-night stand. 

Single dad and architect Adam Reed wants stability for his little girl and when he realizes that Flo was his one-night stand, he doesn’t want to get further involved with her. But they must work closely together, which leads to a sexual attraction that neither can ignore. After his nanny has issues, it is Flo who steps in to help with his daughter. Watching them grow closer and realizing that Flo is a caring person, he begins to wonder if he can stay in Rose Bend beyond the few months he has planned. 

An unlikely couple finds love in the sizzling and emotional THE SINGLE DAD PROJECT. Flo was adopted by the Dennison family after her mother died and her stepfather couldn’t handle fatherhood. She adores them and prefers to ignore her stepfather, who happens to be her adopted father’s brother. But the abandonment continues to haunt her. Is she not loveable? She hasn’t been in a relationship in years and prefers one-night stands, which is why she needed a stranger after her disastrous trip. Adam is handsome and nice, which is a good combination if you’re looking for a relationship. However, he has a daughter who is his first priority. His ex is barely part of their lives, and he doesn’t want to add further harm to his daughter’s life by introducing a woman who will soon slip out of their lives. But Adam and Flo can’t avoid the fact that they’re attracted to each other. 

THE SINGLE DAD PROJECT is filled with fiery passion as Flo and Adam fall for each other. Yet there is a lack of trust between them because neither wants to commit to the other. Add in the fact that he will soon be leaving, it’s like there is a timestamp on their relationship and they shouldn’t fall in love. But Cupid strikes and threatens to upend their plans. Will Flo and Adam find their way to love and happiness together? Of course, there will be obstacles to overcome before we learn what happens. Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of THE SINGLE DAD PROJECT.

Patti Fischer

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