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MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR – Naima Simone
Rose Bend , Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-335-44801-9
January 10, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Rose Bend, Massachusetts – Present Day

As the only daughter of the town’s ex-mayor, Jenna Landon is expected by her parents to display proper manners and never cavort with people beneath her social class. But Jenna has a secret life that no one in town knows about: she is the bestselling author of a young adult children’s series. If her parents found out, there is no doubt that they would be dismayed. To most people in town, she is frigid and unfriendly, though she does like children. If only they knew what Jenna had gone through as a teenager…

Isaac Hunter is new to town as the school’s assistant wrestling coach. He moved from Florida after splitting from his wife and leaving his pro wrestling stardom behind. He grew up not far from Rose Bend and his sister, who lives here with her family, recommended him for the coaching job. The house he moved into is nice, and he thought his neighbor was supposed to be an elderly lady. But one night while working on his truck, his irate next-door neighbor shows up demanding that he turn off his loud music. It is Jenna, and she certainly isn’t elderly! Jenna and Isaac go toe-to-toe for several run-ins, but soon they are beginning to like each other. He sees her vulnerability, though she tries to hide it. Will hate turn to love? How will her parents feel about her getting involved with someone that they see as a lowlife?

Isaac came to Rose Bend for a fresh start, but he is soon battling his neighbor in MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR. He is known in the professional wrestling community as Mr. Right but he has left it all behind, though his ex-wife is soon calling about a return to wrestling. Jenna is haughty and abrupt with him when they first meet after she complains about his loud music. While he mostly rolls his eyes and taunts her, she does intrigue him. He can see behind her holier-than-thou attitude a hint of sadness. After seeing Jenna interact with her high society parents, he can understand why she is sad. She gives in to them rather than fight. Isaac has seen the way she cares for children when others aren’t paying attention. If only he knew that she is the mysterious writer of those famous young adult fantasy books!

Jenna tries to keep a proper face out in public, which means she is sometimes rude to certain people and huffs away when they are rude back. But she suffered greatly as a teenager, which I won’t reveal why as it’s a spoiler. If only her parents had been more caring, but instead, they expect Jenna to display a proper attitude and actions that benefit them. This includes helping her father’s latest campaign for mayor. Turns out that Jenna is friendly with the wife of the current mayor and if her parents find out, they won’t be happy! Jenna’s budding friendship with Isaac is a breath of fresh air for her. She is like a moth fluttering around a flame. Will she soon spread her wings and take flight for what she deserves?

MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR is an enjoyable and emotional tale that will pull you into the lives of Jenna and Isaac. Can they find happiness together? Cheer them on and find out by grabbing a copy of MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR. You won’t be sorry.

Patti Fischer
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