A Heartbreaker Bay Novel , Book 2
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-244804-0
October 2016
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

When his great-aunt dumps her opinionated cat on him, Keane Winters is desperate.  Petunia whom Keane has renamed Pita has let him know how displeased she is with him as a roommate, and he can't take her to the jobsite all of the time, so he's hoping to board her during the day at the local pet shop.  Meeting the sweet and sexy owner of South Bark has Keane wanting to know more about her: first and foremost, why she seems to dislike him.

Willa Davis can't believe that of all the people to walk into her shop when she's filthy from giving some dogs a bath, it would have to be Keane Winters.  In high school, Willa a foster kid with very little self-esteem asked Keane to a dance, only to be stood up by him.  She never quite got over the disappointment, but at the same time, she can't help being attracted to the adult Keane.  Can she leave the past where it belongs and give Keane another chance?  Or is there something else holding Willa back from finding the true love she's been wishing for?

The second book in the Heartbreaker Bay series, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE focuses on Willa.  Spending most of her growing up years in foster care has left Willa with an insatiable need to make up for what she missed out on, especially during the holidays.  She's formed a family of her own with the neighbors and close friends in her building, and after her latest ex-boyfriend disaster, Willa's instituted a no-men clause.  Yet, at the same time she's started throwing coins in the legendary fountain in their square the one that brought her friend Finn together with Pru (SWEET LITTLE LIES, book 1).  Of course, this would be when Keane re-enters her life.  Though Keane grew up with his parents (for the most part), he was a late-in-life baby for them, and their relationship has always been strained.  His successful business flipping houses for profit only reinforces the transitory nature of his relationships, but when he meets Willa, he starts to doubt himself.

Two wounded people come together during the holidays in the sexy, fun romance, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE.

Jennifer Bishop