A Perfect 10
A Wildstone Novel
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0062741929
June 2019
Contemporary Fiction

Wildstone, California – Present Day 

While Brooke Lemon and her sister Mindy grew up together, their sibling rivalry has continued into adulthood and the two are not that close. But one day, Mindy, now married with three little kids, shows up on Brooke's doorstep in Los Angeles in the midst of a mental crisis. She is worried that her husband is cheating on her and needs a break from parenting. Brooke decides to take care of the children for a few days while Mindy gets some rest. Instead of heading to Disneyland with the children, she ends up driving back to her hometown, where Mindy and her family live. Taking care of the children is a bit of a challenge for the childless Brooke, but she is soon managing, though she gets some help from the next-door neighbor, Garrett, who so happens to be Brooke's onetime love. Will they get a chance to fix what went wrong the first time? Meanwhile, Mindy is enjoying her time in LA. Will she work things out with her husband Linc? 

Despite their differences, Mindy and Brooke are sisters and that bond hasn't entirely broken, despite their fights with each other. Brooke left home at a young age to seek a career in travel photography and ended up with a good job. However, a helicopter crash in South America nearly killed her and it ended her relationship with Garrett (they'd been seeing one another until just before she left on her trip). They both know part of the reason why and it's barely spoken about between them. In THE LEMON SISTERS, they finally get a chance to hash things out, though it is a bumpy road for them. As for the children, Brooke quickly learns that childrearing is a learning experience, but she can adjust to this new role, even if it isn't easy. When this tale first begins, Linc is out of town at a doctor's conference, but once he's back, Brooke plans to confront him about this relationship with Mindy. She's going to nail him about saving his marriage. Will he appreciate her help? 

Mindy is enjoying the spa life in LA, but she soon is missing her children (there are two boys and a girl), so she heads home. By this time, Linc is also home and he tries to not only repair his marriage but also be a better parent to his children. Marriage is always a work in progress, as THE LEMON SISTERS show. Will their marriage survive? Meanwhile, Brooke is reconnecting with Garrett, though in her mind they're not. It's just “old friends with benefits” that they're enjoying. Yet, readers will sense there is more between them and old feelings haven't died. At the top of the list is healing their broken love affair and the aftermath of her accident. 

THE LEMON SISTERS is that feel-good summer read you'll want to curl up with and enjoy. Jill Shalvis is known for her witty prose and this tale is no exception. But it is real talk between sisters and lovers, one that readers will love and a reason I'm giving it a Perfect 10 . Don't miss this amazing read. Pick up a copy of THE LEMON SISTERS today. 

Patti Fischer