Heartbreak Bay , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-06-244802-6
July 2016
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

Pru Harris has made it her mission to bring fun and adventure into Finn O'Riley's life. Finn and his brother Sean co-own the Irish pub in Pru's building, but Finn is the responsible older brother who's a bit of a workaholic.  Pru wants to help him live his life, not just exist, and has even gone so far as to make a wish for him in the legendary fountain in the courtyard of their building.  What Pru hadn't counted on, was the attraction she feels for Finn or how easy it would be to forget just why she can't fall for him.

After their father's death, twenty-one-year-old Finn gave up his hopes of playing baseball in order to raise his fourteen-year-old brother.  Now that Sean is twenty-one, he can step in to help with the running of the pub.  Unfortunately, Sean isn't exactly the most serious-minded or responsible person, so Finn still shoulders the burden of providing for both brothers.  He first noticed Pru when she moved into the building a few weeks earlier, but it's not until a mishap during a game of darts that he finally gets a chance to be alone with her. Things heat up quickly between Pru and Finn, but Pru is keeping a very big secret from Finn one that has the potential to destroy what is quickly becoming the best relationship either of them has ever had.

SWEET LITTLE LIES is the first book in the new Heartbreak Bay series by Jill Shalvis, and it introduces us to a lot of fun and interesting characters.  Tragedy has shaped the lives of both Finn and Pru, yet they've both managed to get on with their lives for the most part.  Pru's unwarranted guilt drives her to help people, and Finn gave up his wild and adventurous ways in favor of raising his young brother.  He's now a bit of a workaholic, but is mostly content with his life.  The chemistry between them sizzles, yet they find time to get to know one another outside of the bedroom as well.

Finn has a great group of friends who work or live in the building, including his brother Sean, who's going to college with no real plans for the future beyond running the bar.  Willa owns a pet boutique and is one of the first to befriend Pru, quickly followed by Spence, Archer and Elle.  Pru has kept to herself for the most part, so her best friend is Jake, her boss and ex-lover.  The next book, due out in October, will feature Willa, and hopefully we'll eventually get to see all of their friends find their happily ever afters.

A funny, sweet romance, don't miss SWEET LITTLE LIES.

Jennifer Bishop