A Cedar Ridge Novel , Book 1
Grand Central
ISBN: 978-1-4555-8673-8
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

Cedar Ridge, Colorado – Present Day

Aidan Kincaid's family owns the Cedar Ridge resort and he can't hide any secrets from folks in town or his siblings. Years ago, Aidan loved Lily Danfield, but she ended things with him and moved away after the tragic death of her sister. When he hears that Lily is back in town, Aidan feels like time has frozen. She broke his heart and he doesn't want it to happen again, even if the sight of her has him wanting her all over again. Aidan is a firefighter who also participates in search and rescue, but is anyone going to rescue his heart from Lily Danfield?

Lily blames herself for her sister Ashley's death from a climbing accident ten years ago. So mired in guilt and mourning, she turned her back on Aidan and Cedar Ridge. She wouldn't be here now except she lost her hair stylist job in San Diego and her good friend Jonathan offered her a temporary job at his salon—which happens to be located at the Cedar Ridge Resort owned by Aidan and his family. She was bound to run into Aidan—and it would force her to remember how much she cared for him ten years ago. But she feels loving him cost her Ashley, and Lily isn't going to go down that memory lane again. However, love is obstinate, and wherever Lily turns, there's Aidan. Will they get a second chance at love?

Aidan is dedicated to both his job and his family in SECOND CHANCE SUMMER. He has tried to push away the painful memories of loving Lily behind him, but the moment her name is mentioned by his brother Gray, he tenses. He wonders why she is back in town and if she has gotten over him. Cedar Ridge has a dangerous area called Dead Man's Cliff, and while some have climbed it successfully, others have fallen to their death. Ashley Danfield was one of them, and her death led to Lily's father's fatal heart attack. The double loss devastated Lily and forced her to end her relationship with Aidan ten years ago. Even Aidan still has nightmares about the accident, wishing he could've saved Ashley.

Lily made a life for herself in California as a top hair stylist, but her world came crashing down when she was made the stooge for a botched celebrity leak. Since then she has been unable to find work, and when Jonathan offered her a job since his stylist was going on maternity leave, she jumped at the offer, aware she'd likely run into Aiden. Lily tries to stay away from Aidan, but it's hard to do when she is living in the resort employee's housing and things break down. It seems Aidan is a handyman as well as a firefighter. Lily works so hard to not to fall for Aidan again, but soon she's unable to resist his hot kisses.

There's nothing like picking up a Jill Shalvis novel and knowing that you'll instantly be entertained with a couple who are as stubborn as fools in not realizing they're meant for each. Add in some endearing and entertaining secondary characters, and SECOND CHANCE SUMMER has all the ingredients for a fun read that you won't want to put down. Aidan and Lily have a history together and neither wants to go down that road again. But there's no denying the hot chemistry between them. Will rekindling their love bring back painful memories? Or can they work it out? How will Dead Man's Cliff play in their climatic reunion?

SECOND CHANCE SUMMER is the first book in the   Cedar Ridge   series and there's at least two more tales planned that involve Aidan's brothers. But first up is the sinfully fun and highly enjoyable SECOND CHANCE SUMMER. If you're looking for a way to treat yourself this summer, then grab a copy and be prepared for a book you won't want to put down.

Patti Fischer