HEAD OVER HEELS – Jill Shalvis
A Perfect 10
A Lucky Harbor Novel , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-446-57163-0
December 2011
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington – Present Day

As the wild child of the family, Chloe Traeger is used to shocking her family and the townsfolk of Lucky Harbor with her antics. But the one person who seems bent on stopping her from getting into trouble is hot, hunky (and straight-laced) Sheriff Sawyer Thompson. Chloe might just brush off Sawyer's stern warnings, but something about him causes her insides to curl. It's not likely they have anything in common, and besides, he only disapproves of her. Yet, the sizzling chemistry between them is enough to raise temperatures to near scorching levels.

Sawyer didn't always abide by the law, but a tragic accident in his teens caused him to turn his life around—right into a career that led into law enforcement. He sees Chloe as someone who is tempting fate in her own way, and he wants to make sure she doesn't get into trouble and destroy her life. It doesn't help matters that his libido stirs hotly around her, because there couldn't possibly be anything between himself and the free-spirited Chloe. But Sawyer will do anything to protect Chloe, meaning 24/7 protection, even if she disagrees.

As the Lucky Harbor series has progressed, readers have seen Chloe as the easygoing youngest sister of Maddie (SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE) and Tara (THE SWEETEST THING) and someone who always seems to have a cause to support. She hasn't changed as HEAD OVER HEELS opens, with Chloe and her best friend Lance managing to wiggle out of trouble once again. Of course, nothing gets by Sawyer, and so once again he's on the doorstep of the sisters' bed and breakfast ready to ask Chloe questions. Sawyer is rightly concerned, since she's treading dangerous waters battling a local thug of dubious distinction. However, Chloe is not afraid to go toe to toe with Sawyer, even though he is much bigger than she is. With her being younger and having asthma, Sawyer treats her like a china doll. Why can't he see that she's much stronger than he thinks?

With his protective attitude and awareness that Chloe is the sister of his best friends' Jax's and Ford's fiancées, Sawyer intends to keep her at arm's length, despite the fact that she tempts him. Besides, when she tells him that an orgasm could cause an asthmatic attack, Sawyer has no plans to find out if it's true. Yet there is no denying the attraction between them, and when he once again rescues her from one of her crazy antics, things heat up in the most sizzling of ways.

Between Chloe and Sawyer circling each other and trying to convince themselves that they can't be a couple, there is a secondary plot as Sawyer aids an investigation into a local drug ring. Sawyer's former friend is deep in it, but who is the main supplier? Can Sawyer keep Chloe from interfering in his investigation, even if it's unintentional? Can Chloe bring her ideas for the bed and breakfast to her sisters' successfully without their treating her like a child? And will there be at least one marriage before the end of HEAD OVER HEELS?

A truly fun and engaging tale from beginning to end, HEAD OVER HEELS is a glimpse at small town life along the Washington coast as the sisters continue to build their bed and breakfast to a viable business. The slow burning relationship between Sawyer and Chloe finally bursts into full-fledged flames, and readers will not be disappointed. From the smart, sassy Chloe to the quiet, brooding (and sexy) Sawyer, HEAD OVER HEELS is a book that truly deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today . Be sure to put this one on your book buying list and get ready to snuggle down for some hot reading.

Patti Fischer