AT LAST – Jill Shalvis
Lucky Harbor Series, Book 5
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0374-2
July 2012
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington – Present Day

On her own since age sixteen, Amy Michaels has found a job and made friends in Lucky Harbor. Her two best friends are Mallory and Grace, and the three have formed an informal club called the Chocoholics. Despite settling down, she still considers herself a loner, never letting people know the real reason behind her cocky attitude. One reason Amy ended up in Lucky Harbor is that she is searching for her grandparents' initials on a tree in the nearby forest and taking the “journey” as mentioned in her grandmother's journal. However, on one of her hikes, Amy ends up lost…and sexy forest ranger Matt Bowers comes to her rescue. Alas, they are forced to spend the night out in the forest. Amy doesn't want to admit it, but she finds Matt, aka Ranger Hot Buns, very attractive.

Matt left Chicago and the police force behind him to work in the remote mountains of Washington state. While most people might wonder at his sanity for living here, for Matt it is a place to lick his wounds and get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, Amy Michaels provides him with little peace as she gets into trouble and he has to rescue her, then dares him when he tells her to stay safe. Yet there is something about the tart beauty that has his body parts tingling. Amy is trouble, but he doesn't realize just how good trouble can be.

Amy and Matt encounter Riley, a homeless young woman on the run, while in the mountains. Riley heartbreakingly reminds Amy of herself at that age. Can Amy earn Riley's trust and help her? Matt isn't sure he trusts Riley as she spells trouble. But what will happen to Riley?

Lucky Harbor isn't just about the ocean view because there are mountains hugging the coastline. Matt is one of the rangers responsible for protecting the public and the animals, and he loves his job despite the annoyance of women who think they know what's best…like Amy. Amy is a bit of a prickly pear, yet it's Matt who gets her revved up. Self-appointed town gossiper Lucille nicknamed Matt “Ranger Hot Buns” and even Amy can't get that moniker out of her mind…or the man who inhabits the body. She tries to deny her attraction for Matt, and he for her, but soon they're all over each other. As they continue to circle each other, the harder it becomes to face the past. To confront the past means talking about something that's still hard to do for them. Instead, both Matt and Amy push each other away.

A sexy, fun tale from the creative mind of Jill Shalvis, readers who have read the prior books in the Lucky Harbor series are in for a treat. Amy is the same independent, sassy woman we remember from LUCKY IN LOVE. Her “take no prisoners” attitude has her going toe to toe against Matt, who has his own “take charge” attitude. While they rub each other in the most annoying (and also delicious) ways, their chemistry sizzles from the first scene together in AT LAST. Amy has come to Lucky Harbor to find the answers from her grandmother's journal, yet she isn't sure what it is she looking for once that's accomplished. Matt has withdrawn into himself after pain and guilt forced him to leave Chicago. What better place than Lucky Harbor to find each other…and love? The entrance of Riley in their lives has them at odds, yet also on a similar plan of saving another wounded soul. Will they succeed?

AT LAST will have you laughing, smiling, and sniffling at various times. Amy and Matt are right for each other and deserve some happiness after their painful pasts. Another stellar read I highly recommend, pick up AT LAST for some pure reading enjoyment. And if you haven't picked up LUCKY IN LOVE, do it at the same time and get ready for FOREVER AND A DAY as that one is due out in August.

Patti Fischer